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How to get a weapon with a silencer in Sniper Elite 5

Secretity is an important element of Sniper Elite 5, which makes weapons with a silencer absolutely necessary and deadly option. The next leadership will help you find a silencer weapon, muffle and muffler, as well as subsonic ammunition in Sniper Elite 5.

A weapon with a silencer will allow you to choose goals from a long distance, without warning the nearest enemies. At the same time, remember that weapons with a silencer are still heard to a certain extent depending on its brand and settings.

How to get a weapon with a silencer in Sniper Elite 5

You need to look for weapons with a silencer in the game. They can only be found, but not unlock, and in Sniper Elite 5 they are called “found weapon.”

Usually they are found next to a dead enemy or kept in a safe place with patrolling guards. Arsenal and numerous shelters of snipers scattered on cards are the best places to search for weapons with a muffler.

Understand that you cannot add weapons with a silencer to your inventory or take it to the next mission. They can only be used for the duration of the task or mission.

They also do not recharge and become useless after ammunition ends. The only option is to throw them to the ground to free your hands. You can get rid of weapons with a silencer by simply switching or scrolling your weapon.

The biggest advantage of weapons with a silencer is that it is available at the very beginning of the game. Later, you can find silencers and muffler to modernize your own weapons.

How to unlock a muffler/muffler in Sniper Elite 5

You can unlock various devices during the game, such as shops, trunks and silencers. You can unlock the silencer using the workbench in the basement of the castle in the second mission “Employed Residence”.

During the mission, go down the stairs to the right of you in the castle. Follow the path leading to the entrance to the arsenal. Kill two guards guard the weapons, and enter.

You will find a workbench right in the middle. Use a workbench to unlock the muffler along with other improvements.

Sniper Elite 5 How To Unlock Suppressor For Sniper Rifle Gun
Now open the menu and view the settings of the weapon you use. You will find a muffler. Attach it to your weapon.

How to use a workbench for weapons settings

The workbenchs are one of the main collection items in Sniper Elite 5 and are located in strategic points, such as shelters during missions.

In total, in every mission in the game there are three layouts. These three types are a pistol for a pistol, a workout for a submachine gun and a rifle for a rifle.

To determine the workbench, look for a Nazi flag or red flag on it. As soon as you approach the workbench, a pop-up option will appear on the screen, which allows you to press this button on the controller to use the workbench.

Depending on the type of workbench that you use, the screen will have the opportunity to configure a specific weapon. For example, if you use a workbench for a pistol, he will show you how to configure a gun.

Select the weapon you want to configure and then select the settings icon on the right. This will open a menu showing various parts of the weapon that can be configured.

You will see the opportunity to configure the trunk, barrel, store, butt and receiver. At the beginning of the game, you will not see all unlocked investments. They will be opened as the game is passing. The castle on the right side of the investment will be transformed in the field that you can note if you want to configure this specific investment.

The menu will show you the pros and cons of the settings using a specific application. For example, if you choose a muffler Maxin 1910, the pros will be quieter, and the cons of it reduces the stability of aiming.

How to unlock subsonic ammunition in Sniper Elite 5

You have already learned to find weapons with a silencer and unlock mufflers for your own weapons. Sniper Elite 5 also has subsonic ammunition to further reduce the noise of your shots.

Subsonic ammunition is available much earlier in the game and help you in secrecy, while you are still looking for a nozzle. Like the muffler, subsonic ammunition will also allow you to maintain silence when shooting from a rifle.

At first you can collect subsonic ammunition only from dead bodies. Later in the game you can unlock the type of ammunition after the completion of the “Factory” task and add it to your constant inventory for each mission.

You can load subsonic ammunition into your weapon by pressing L1 if you use PlayStation and LB if you use Xbox. If you want to change various types of cartridges with a silencer during the mission, you can press R1.

When you have subsonic ammunition, you will instantly return to standard ammunition, so follow the remaining cartridges.

Dungeon & Fighter Mobile League (DFML) Free Season

Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) will begin recruiting participants in the Dungeon & Fighter Mobile League (DFML) Free Season ‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile League (DFML) Free Season’ in ‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’ I revealed it.

Dungeon & Fighter Mobile - RPG CBT Gameplay (Android/IOS)

‘DFML Free Season’ is an event competition held before the launch of Dun Famobile, and will be held at V.SPACE in Jung-gu, Seoul on June 19. It consists of ‘1: 1 adventurer Daejeon’ and ‘3: 3 Streamer Daejeon’ to provide various contents for users to participate and enjoy.

‘1: 1 Adventure Daejeon’ is a solo exhibition in the duel, and will be held in the form of a round of 16 in the third edition. If you are a user of Dunpamo, you can participate as your own character, and you can select at least one or up to three jobs as an entry.

‘3: 3 Streamer Colonial War’ can be participated in a team, including one streamer, and will be held in the quarter-final tournament format. You can organize the team with three different executives, and win the final victory if you first wiped out all the opposing teams.

Nexon recruits participants of the DFML Free Season from May 27 to June 5 on the official Dunpamo-Mobile homepage and will announce the qualifiers on June 15. The finals and finals will be broadcast live on June 19 through the official YouTube channel.

The prize money is 100 million won, and the final winner of the 1: 1 Adventure Daejeon will receive a prize of 20 million won and 5 million years old in the game. In addition, the winning team of the 3: 3 Streamer Daejeon will be paid 21 million won and 6 million years old.

‘DFML Free Season’ schedule and detailed information can be found on the official website.

Nottingham Forest Back in the Premier League after 23 years

The English soccer tradition club Nottingham Forest returns to the Premier League after 23 years.
The previous European Cup champion won the Playoff last of the second-class champion on Sunday 1-0 (1-0) versus Huddersfield Community, complying with FC Fulham and the AFC Bournemouth in the very first division.

After 23 Years of Hurt, Nottingham Forest are PROMOTED to the PREMIER LEAGUE

An own objective of Chelsea funding Levi Colwill (43.) made a decision the game in the Wembley Stadium.
Nottingham won in an extensive battle, but was also fortunate: Huddersfields Harry Toffolo was appealed the foot in the opposing charge location, however regardless of checking by the video assistant, nevertheless, the charge whistle fallen short.
The club from Nottingham won the English champion in 1978 and was also more successful on global parquet: in 1979 as well as 1980 the Tricky Trees won the European championship European Mug.
In 1999, nonetheless, the club lastly delegated from the Premier League.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: New Star Wars

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is created by the knowledgeable team of respawn under the instructions of Video game Supervisor Stig Asmussen as well as develops on the famous tales, personalities and also fights from the initial part of the series, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is being created for the existing generation of video gaming hardware to present players from all over the globe an also a lot more efficient and thorough star Wars experience. “For Jedi: Survivor, we work very closely with Lucasfilm Games to refer the story of Jedi: Order.

Digital Arts, Respawn Entertainment and Lucasfilm Games today as component of the Star Wars Celebration with Star Wars: Survivor, the next phase of the preferred Star Wars Action Adventure collection disclosed the trip of the Jedi Cal Kestis.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is developed by the experienced team of respawn under the instructions of Video game Director Stig Asmussen and also constructs on the fabulous tales, characters and also battles from the initial component of the series, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is being developed for the existing generation of video gaming equipment to existing gamers from around the world a lot more thorough and efficient star Wars experience. The video game will be released in 2023 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | s as well as PC.

“The story of Cal Kestis has actually astounded numerous Star Wars fans and we are delighted to continue this impressive story together with the world-class designers of respawn,” claimed Douglas Reilly, Vice Head Of State of Lucasfilm Games. “We are enjoyed have the ability to present the next chapter of Cal Kestis’ trip to the gamers from all over the globe with Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.”

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Gameplay details and Info...
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will be launched in 2023 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | s as well as PC.

On the side of his loyal buddy BD-1, Cal will ally throughout his journey with a range of intriguing as well as one-of-a-kind characters. Jedi: Survivor will expand the vibrant battles of the series in a new as well as ingenious method.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor plays five years after the events of Jedi: Fallen Order. When faced with consistent persecution, Cal Kestis have to always be one action in advance of the rhirts of the empire.

“Also prior to the conclusion of Jedi: Fallen Order our team had a vision of how we would certainly proceed the adventure of Cal, BD as well as the crew in a follow up,” stated Stig Asmussen, Game Supervisor at respawn. “For Jedi: Survivor, we function carefully with Lucasfilm Games to refer the story of Jedi: Order. We utilize modern innovations to proceed Cals history with even more vibrant Jedi fights and film-ready storytelling, while Cal survives as well as becomes elder in dark times. We can rarely wait to inform the world more regarding the video game during this year. “

Raft: „The Second Chapter

Raft: This offers “The Second Chapter”

The real story mode of raft began with the first chapter. The content was well received and made you want more. Accordingly, the second chapter ties in there. It is part of Update 12, which was published on Steam on October 8, 2020.

  • In the course of the story adventure, there are new locations to explore (and master), including Tangaroa and with Caravan Town even a real city.
  • Robots and aggressive pigs came into play as new opponents.

  • There were also new mechanics like the Zipline.
  • There are now additional options on board: batteries can be charged, irrigation systems can be automated.

The Raft Survival Storyline - Chapter 2
* With the metal detector you can search for treasures.

For raft players who had lost motivation over time, “The Second Chapter” has a good reason to start the game again. The third chapter has long been in the works, but not yet published in mid-2022 and there has been no official date.

Now you can “stroke the dog” in Destiny 2 – how to get the emotion “faithful companion”

When it comes to a video game, an eternal question arises: is it possible to stroke the dog? Until the 17th season Destiny 2, the answer to this question would be disappointing. Fortunately, Season of the Haunted blessed the game with an emotion with a dog companion. Now you can stroke the dog in Destiny 2 if you have an exotic emotion “True Companion”.

How to get an exotic emotion “Faithful companion”

The exotic emotion “Faithful companion” is available only in the Evevers store where it can be purchased for 1000 silver or 9.99 US dollars. **. Unfortunately, this emotion requires silver, not bright dust, but this is a very small price for the opportunity to give the long-awaited patting of a good boy.

There is also a very respectable reason why this emotion can never be bought for bright dust. It will remain paid cosmetics as it is. Charity object . This means that 100 percent of the income from emotions will be donated to Banggi Foundation as the COZMO community manager confirmed. This means that for only 1000 silver you will donate $ 9.99 for charity, and also get the dog as an additional award.

ADIOS | Life is Strange | [2/2] TODOS LOS FINALES
We like to see all the funny creative emotions that Bungie invents for Destiny 2, but when this emotion also benefits charity, there is nothing better.

Additional Destiny 2 cm guidelines in Destiny 2: Season of the Haunted Nightmare Containment, described here in games for professionals.

All modifications of champions and artifacts in Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted

This is a new season in Destiny 2, and this can only mean a new seasonal artifact that abounds with new mods. Here is a brief presentation of what can be purchased over the next 90 days.

season of ghostly mods

Level 0

Piercing personal weapons (weapons) *: Pistols receive shells that break through the shield that cost the protection of the fighter. Strong against the champions of the barrier.
Overloading of cartridges (weapons) : continuous fire from your automatic rifles and submachine guns gives bullets that stun the fighters, slowing down the regeneration of the energy of abilities and reducing damage inflicted by the fighter. Strong against the champions of overload.
Rifle of an uncontrollable scout (weapon) : Aiming in the sight for a short time leads to the fact that the scout rifles that you own are shooting a powerful explosive that stunes unprotected fighters. Strong against uncontrollable champions.
Unrestrained Glef (weapon) *: Glef that you hold in your hands shoot a powerful explosive that stunes fighters without shields. Strong against uncontrollable champions.
Anti-Barrier impulse rifle (weapon) *: the pulsed rifles that you shoot, breaking through the shield and stunning the barrier champions. Impulse rifles cause additional damage to the barrier to the barrier.

Level 2

*NEW* Best Seasonal Artifact Mods! (GET THESE FIRST) - Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted
A holster for a shotgun (leg) *: gradually recharge your cleaned shotgun over time. Several copies of this stack of perks to reduce the time required for complete reboot.
Search for cartridges for a rifle (helmet) : increases the chance to find special ammunition if you have a tracing rifle.
Nightmare splendor (helmet) : increases the duration of the characteristics of the origin of the psycho-hak and the effect of the feature of the origin of the extrovert.
Aiming from a pulsed rifle (helmet) *: improved the capture of the target, accuracy and speed of aiming for pulsed rifles.
A holster for lateral weapons (leg) *: gradually restarts the preserved personal weapon over time. Several copies of this stack of perks to reduce the time required for complete reboot.

Level 5

The dexterity of the shotgun (weapon) *: more fast preparation and speed of styling for shotgun.
Traces of rifle reserves (chest) : Increases the number of trace rifle cartridges that you can carry.
Unquenchable thirst (helmet) : increases the positive effect of the initial feature “excess” and the therapeutic effect of the initial feature “Soul Eater”.
Armor of a dying star (bib) *: reduces incoming sunny and hollow damage from fighters.
The dexterity of hand weapons (weapons) *: more fast training and speed of styling for personal weapons.

Level 9

Rifles with overload (weapons) *: continuous fire from your equipped tracing rifles forces the beam stun the fighters, slowing down the regeneration of the energy of abilities and reducing the damage inflicted by the fighter. Strong against the champions of overload.
A restorative explosion (class item) : The stunning of the champion leads to its ignition and removal of stunning from your shield.
Breeding heat (class item) : applying damage to the solar ability for a short time weakens the champions.
molten overload (class object) *: Solar grenades cause destruction, slowing down the regeneration of abilities and reducing the damage inflicted by the fighter. Strong against the champions of overload.
Glef of dreams (weapons) *: while you have Glef, a positive effect is an unstable essence obtained during the selection of objects that fell from nightmares, acts twice as long as usual.

Level 14

Cool recovery (class item) *: Activation of your solar class abilities gives you recovery.
Shining spheres (class item) : Raising the sphere of force makes you shining.
Rays of accuracy (class object) : shining, solar precise final blows set fire to fighters.
Flame collection (class object) *: Solar exotic final blows create wells of solar elements.
Solar lightning (class object) *: Your ignition inflict increased damage in an enlarged radius.

To find out more about Destiny 2, read the section “How to get an element of dexterity in Destiny 2” in the game guides for professionals.

Netize Connect 2022, top title update information and new game release

[Source: Netize Games]

Netize Games released six new games and ▲ Harry Potter: Awakened Magic, Naraka: Blade Points, and Dead By Daylight Mobile, as well as other game studios such as Nagoshi Studio and Grasshopper Manufacture We have completed the NetEASE CONNECT 2022 with various impact information such as collaboration and collaboration with other global studios.

NetEASE Connect 2022 began live streaming on May 20 with IGN JAPAN’s Daniel Robson and Ezra Krabe. At the event, two Japanese and English were provided, and fans watched through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Twitter.

In the first corner, Nagoshi Studio, Grasshopper Studio and Behind the Story, Netare Games introduced how Netare Games is working with developers to achieve creative and high levels of development goals.

In addition, game update information was provided for ▲ Dead By Daylight Mobile ▲ Life After ▲ Naraka: Blade Points ▲ The Lord of the Rings: The Beginning of War ‘▲ Harry Potter: The Magic. New beta tests, new expansion and characters have been added to the NetEASE Connect 2022 that many updates have been available for these titles since this year.

– There will be an exciting update for Dead By Daylight Mobile in the west, and the test will be conducted soon.

▲ Life After-The new gameplay mode, dress, and much more challenging battles that have not been available in the end of the century will be newly expanded at the end of the century. What future will it happen before us? For more information, please refer to the official website.

▲ After – ‘Earth Day’ event, the latest update of Infinite Lagrang is added to the SF Space Simulation Game. Other explorers have different missions and settlement goals. In addition, the concept of ‘legacy’ will be incorporated into the game from this summer, allowing users to search for legacy items and use them to develop their forces. For more information, please refer to the official website.

\ -The next-generation survival looting shooting game has added a completely new escape equipment. The user becomes the last one and wins the victory by bringing as many loot on the battlefield. Since then, users can get more opportunities to accumulate wealth by creating their own weapons with advanced equipment with new free trade functions that buy and sell items. For more information, please refer to the official website.

\ -In Japan, Kamata Mitsuji and a new collaboration will appear in the game with new costumes. For more information, please refer to the official website.

Netease connect 2022 เกมใหม่ เตรียมเปิด เกมเก่าอัปเดตของใหม่

\ -Eega Hit will be released on mobile with the new character Takeda, which will be added in the next season. Takeda wearing armor is equipped with a sword and constantly fights with the devil living in him. For more information, please refer to the official site. NARAKA Mobile joins on the official website.

▲ The Lord of the Rings: The Beginning of War>- Warner Bros and MidDle-Earth Enterprises, and the strategy-based strategy based on NETEASE is a strategy-based war game that reflects various fun elements that reflect the festivals and cultures of the intermediate world It is adding strong charm to a completely new season. In the midsummer festival, let’s work with Gandalf to make fireworks, or to add strength to the Hobbit’s favorite dishes. For more information, please refer to the official website.

\ -The second beta test of this over the top racing game will be held in June, where cars can pass through the walls, transform while driving, and even launch rockets in the sky. For more information, please visit the game Facebook, Twitter and Discords.

▲ Viking Guard-Midsummer is the brightest and most daring time. Vikings safely plant crops and voyage to fight in other lands. The new expansion “Mid Summer” will appear in the Viking Guard this June. It’s time to act at risk. For more information, please refer to the official website.

– A post-apocalypse background based on the concept of ‘survival, battle, and forward’. All decisions that users make affect their ultimate destiny.

In Lost Light, users can build shelters directly in fierce battles and collect items through battle or trade. The first beta test of iOS will be held in the third quarter of this year. For more information, please refer to the official website.

\ -This immersive collection card RPG will allow users around the world to enjoy on PCs and mobile from 2022. If you want more information, you can find the official Facebook.

During the NETEASE Connect period, cinematic and sophisticated 2 -to -four competitive infiltration game , thrilling sci -fi game A number of new games such as> have also been released.

\ -This is a two-to-four competitive infiltration game like a movie where users become invaders or chasers. Let’s participate in the hide and see -and -seek game. It is disguised as an invader, steals information using special equipment, exits a narrow exit, and exposes the intruder with the ability of the pursuit to stop the mission.

Technology tests will be held in Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia from July 8 this year. For more information, please refer to the official website (pre -registered), Facebook, Discord, YouTube, and Twitter.

-In this third-person shooting game with reversal, 15 mercenaries infiltrate San Yager cities with zombies to collect valuable Blood crystals and defeat undead. Dying during the game does not mean “gameover”, and users are resurrected to zombies with completely new technology and infinite response. Currently, ZOZ: Final Hour is undergoing regional testing. For more information, please refer to the official website.

▲ Ones Bee Human -After 30 years, , set in the background of civilization, opens a mysterious door, Stardust pollutes the world and creates a group of monsters. However, Beyonder, who has become a hunter instead of prey with a special power to overturn the plate, becomes a light of hope. If you want more information, please follow this new and bizarre survival game at the IGN Summer of Gaming event this June. For more information on Once Bee Human, it will be released on Facebook and Twitter soon.

\ -The online multiplayer game with a 15-5 battles in various maps is a historic tank of World War II and the Cold War. Users can team up with friends or join the clan to explore the game map. Please take advantage of the terrain to participate in tactical battles in various game modes. Pre -registration is proceeded through the official website of .

For the next few months, information on additional updates and collaborations with global studios will continue to be released for the next few months. The VOD of the Netare Connect 2022 can be viewed on Facebook, Twitch and YouTube.

How to configure the dedicated V Rising server, configure the parameters and a list of commands

V Ringing has a customizer system in which players can create their own private servers or play on public servers. In this leadership, we will explain how to configure the selected V Rising server, configure the parameters and a list of commands.

Since the game is intended for a multi -user game, the presence of its own dedicated server for playing with friends sounds very interesting.

How to configure the dedicated V Rising server

In V Rising, you can either configure the allocated private server locally or place it on a third -party service. V Rising has two PVP modes: one for 4 players, and the other for 2.

You can choose the mode to your liking. However, on private servers, the sizes of clans and the maximum dimensions of the players can be changed to your taste.

Below we have listed all the steps to set up the dedicated V Rising server.


  • Requirements for the server v Rising
  • How to create V Rising server
  • How to run the V Rising server
  • How to configure the V Rising server
  • How to join the V Rising server

  • How to protect your V Rising server using backup copies

Requirements for the server v Riding

To install V Rising Server, you will need the following system characteristics.

  • Launch Windows 10 or Server 2016+ and 64-bit version
  • 5 GB places on the disk for the game files.
  • A quad -core processor with at least 2 full/physical cores.
  • 16 GB of memory

How to create V RISing server

First, create the “C: VringServer” folder. After that, download SteamCMD for Windows and remove the contents of the SteamCMD download to the previously created VRISNGSERVER folder. Create a file with the name “FetchServerfiles.bat” and insert the following lines into it:

@echo turned off

Launch “” Steamcmd.exe + log in to the user password

+Force_install_dir “C: VrisingServer” +App_update

1829350 Confirm +Exit

Save and run the file to get the server files from Steam.

How to run the server V Ringing

After you perform steps to create, you can continue and start the server. To do this, create a StartServer.bat file and insert the next line into it.

Launch “” VrisingServer.exe -log

Save and then start the file. At the first launch, it will take some time to load it.

How to configure the V RISING server

V Rising - How to Make a Dedicated Server on Windows

As soon as your dedicated V Rising server is launched and launched, you can configure it in accordance with your needs. Changes in the configuration are stored in the Serverhostsettings.json file, in which there are the following settings:


“Name”: “My V Rising Server”,

“Description”: “This is a role server”,

“Port”: 27015,

“QueryPort”: 27016,


“McConnexededadmin”: 4,

“Savename”: “World1”,

“Password”: “Super -secret”,

“ListonMasterserver”: True,

“Auto -Office counter”: 40,

“Auto -Caves”: 120,

“Gamesettingspresset”: “Standard PVP”


You can change the maximum number of users, administrators, passwords and other parameters from this configuration file by opening it in a notebook.

How to join the V Rising server

After setting up the server, you are almost at the target! Now start the game and go to the game section. From there, select the “Online game” section, where there is an option “Find the server”. Find your server by name, and then join and enjoy!

How to protect your V Rising server using backup copies

Do not forget to save a backup copy of the saved games of your server so that in the case of any type of event you do not use the progress of your server. To access the saving file, go to the next place on your computer.


And often make backup copies of the Save folder in another place on your computer.

Location of the game settings file V Rising Server

The game settings file V Rising Server is the following way:


How to change the settings of a private game server

To change the settings of your private server, follow the above path and find the file “Servergamesetts.json”.

This file contains all the necessary information related to the server settings. However, before editing this settings file, make sure that no one is currently on the server, since changing the file, while someone is on the server, can damage files for them.

When the server is empty, right -click the Servergamesettings.json file with the right mouse button and open it in a notebook or notebook ++. Now make the necessary changes and save them. The next time you run the server, it will work with updated settings!

list of commands V Rising Server

_ We will update this section when more relevant information appears._

Rogue light x chess x shotgun! Approach the charm of “Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate”! [Play in Digebo! ]

“Play in Digebo!” Features a digital board game with charm with board game elements, card game elements, and table talk RPG (TRPG) elements. This time, we will deliver a strategy game “ Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate ” with a rogital element and a shotgun element to the chess element.

This work was distributed by PUNKCAKE DELICIEUX on Steam on May 12, 2022. Punkcake Delicieux is an indieveropper established by France’s game designer Benjamin Soulé and Rémy Devaux. He is active mainly in ITCH.IO, and has been developing at a high pace under the concept of “making a game that no one has seen every month.”

ITCH.IO has already released nine works, including this work. Earlier, I introduced the Rogue Light Survival Building Sim “Stacklands”, which is a concept like the developer SokPop Collective. It is wonderful that both developers have a good originality, despite short -term development.

This work is a tune -based strategic game based on chess. The work has been completed in 72 hours in the “Ludum Dare” tournament in a short period of time. Moreover, the work was selected as the highest award. Certainly, if you can develop at this pace, you can do it once a month.

Chess is the most famous board game in the world, which can be said to be the “king of the board game world.” Many people know the rules, so many PC games based on chess have been released.

Famous is “ Battle chess ” released by InterPlayentertainment in 1988 in Amiga. The rules are chess, but frames fight with animation. After the release, it was ported to various platforms, so I think many people have played. “ Battle Chess 2 ” based on Chinese shogi was also released in Amiga in 1990. However, this person was not very popular because the Chinese shogi itself was a minor (although Chinese shogi is also interesting).

By the way, my favorite chess -based game is “ Warhammer 40,000: REGICIDE ” where the character of “Warhammer 40,000” fights. It was released on Steam by Hammerfall Publishing in 2015. Basically, it is a chess, but it is quite chaotic, such as shooting remotely with guns and throwing grenades. This work also has a shooting element with a shotgun.

The chess -based game with similar atmosphere and color to this work includes “ Pawnbarian ” released on Steam on September 24, 2021 by J4NW. The purpose is to destroy the enemy on the board in a game with rogue and deck build elements. I am playing in the middle time because I can play quickly in a short time.

Although there are parts that are similar in concept in this work, it seems that using a “shotgun” as shown in the title is also sold. Let’s play what kind of chess game it is!

Take a shotgun in your hand!

There are two games: “ Slone Mode “, which captures all 12 stages to regain the throne, and “ endless mode “, which can keep playing endlessly until the game over. Endless mode is released after clearing the slone mode. This time, let’s go in slone mode.

By the way, the difficulty of the game is five levels from “Easy” to “King”. Although it depends on the difficulty, it is easy to have a few enemies, and in addition to the low enemies, there are many shotgun bullets. Games with this kind of rogue element are easy even if it’s easy, so it’s good at first.

Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate (Full Version) - Rogue-chess with a shotgun! ????

Before the game starts, there is a little story explanation. The protagonist is the evil Black King who does the only luxury. His miniature gradually moves to a high -paying and durable workplace, which is not a white company White King .

Black King was betrayed by his wife, Queen, and was hijacked by the White King. Rather than reflecting on Black King, he goes to revenge alone with a shotgun……. Well, the game starts with a motivation that is self -employed, or a grudge. It is very difficult to empathize, but I will play for the time being.

Game screen. It looks like a Retro game as if you were conscious of a retro game, and it looks like a CRT TV. It feels like playing an old PC game.

It’s a game play, but basically two players do. Whether to move the black king (black frame at the bottom of the image) or release the shotgun. It’s a shotgun, but where you shoot, you have to do aim yourself. The shotgun has a flight distance and a scattered size (angle) of bullets, and these values are corrected by choosing the stage (described later).

I tried to release the shotgun, but it didn’t reach the enemy at all. The performance of the shotgun is displayed on the left of the chess board. Currently, power 4, flight distance 3 to 5 squares, spread angle 57 degrees . You need to get closer to hit.

Although it is a black king movement, only one square is advanced to eight -way squares with the same movement as the chess king. Because it is a turn -based, the enemy’s frame moves when this moves, but not all enemies move all at once, and it is determined that it works after 〇 turn. The frame that moves on the next turn will shake slightly left and right. It is better to think carefully before moving.

By the way, the movement of the enemy’s top is the same as chess. If you do not know how to move the chess, hover the mouse cursor to the top, and the explanation will appear on the left of the chess board. The image is the movement of the night (horse frame). Also, the hourglass mark under the display of the movement is the meter of “How many more turns will the frame move”. If you look at this, you can grasp the movement of the frame, so you can play without any problems without knowing the rules of chess at all.

Leave the shotgun!

In a shotgun, the farther the enemy’s distance, the more the bullet spreads out and the more powerful. Conversely, if you shoot from a close range, you can hit all bullets. In the image, it was shot to an enemy one square, so it was dealt with 4 damage, the current maximum power. It is less wasteful to pull as much as possible.

If you defeat the enemy, you may get a soul card. If you use this, you can move the same as the enemy. The image is a bishop soul card. Bishops are the same as the “corner” in Japanese shogi, and they proceed diagonally in any square. It is a good idea to use it for withdrawal when you are surrounded by enemies.

The remaining number of shotgun bullets is displayed on the left side of the chess board. The shotgun can load two bullets at once. After two shots, you can reload by moving. Let’s clear the stage before the shotgun bullets run out.

And the shield mark on the right side of the shotgun bullet is the Black King life. It will be damaged if the enemy’s frame can be moved to the position where the black king is in the enemy turn. Please note that if you are surrounded by enemies and you will not be able to move, you will get a lot of damage at once. It’s a so -called “checkmate state”

If you defeat the enemy King on the board, the other enemy’s frame will be destroyed at that time and the stage will be cleared. This area is the same as chess. It would be one measure to actively aim for enemy king from the beginning.

A bonus selection after clearing the stage, which is familiar in Rogue Light Card Games. In this work, there are two choices. The bonus lasts until the end of the game. However, it is a specification that gives a bonus not only for yourself but also to ** enemies.

For example, according to the option below, the own camp (black card) is “ range+2 “, but the enemy camp (white card) also “** pawn (soldier, move one step. Instead of reducing the weakest frame), the night is +1. It is an effect that continues to the game over, so if you do not think carefully and select it, it will gradually become more severe.

Queen, the biggest enemy in this work. You can move as many squares in either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal direction. Speaking of Japanese shogi, it is a cheat move at the level of “Is it such an ant?” Be careful not to be hunted down.

The attack means is not the only shotgun. Just like chess, it is also possible to take the opponent’s frame. After taking it, you can throw it away and hit the opponent. In the image, I take the night and throw it into the queen.

The final stage is also in front of you. The enemies have also increased considerably. Let’s mobilize the skills we have cultivated so far and survive. If you can really defeat the White King, please play with your own hands.

Chess Base Log Light that can be played casually! And a shotgun!

This work is a game where you can play quickly in a short time, like “Pawnbarian”. You can play without any problems without knowing chess, not to mention chess. It is interesting that you need to choose while thinking ahead, as the bonus of the stage clears the enemy and allies.

In particular, what I liked in this work is an exhilarating attack method, such as letting a shotgun or catching and throwing an enemy. Turn -based games tend to be weak in terms of “exhilaration”, but with the idea of “shotgun”, you can enjoy repeated play without suffering. Currently, there is no Japanese support, but if you can read the options for clearing the stage, I think you can play without any problems. If you like chess or want to play an exhilarating rogue light, please try this work.

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