The future of Bavaria Munich’s world footballer Robert Lewandowski and Borussia Dortmund’s striker Erling Haaland has been hot for weeks.

It remains to be seen what effects the health state of the Haaland consultant Mino Raiola has on the future of the 21-year-old Norwegian. Haaland’s promptly expected decision, where he plays next season, could bring new dynamics.

“Basically, it is always good if you have planning security in all areas of life, including the striker,” said Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann about Lewandowski. When asked about a comparison of the two top strikers, he pointed out their differences. “There are completely different types of players that cannot be compared: in terms of age, in terms of way, to play, even of experience is something completely different,” said Nagelsmann. “I learned earlier to compare apples and pears is not advisable.”

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How is Haaland’s consultant Mino Raiola?

There is no official bulletin on the condition of the 54 -year -old consultant. After the false reports on the alleged death, the manager and his doctor expressed himself outraged. Raiola is not doing well in a Milan Clinic for the few comments: chief physician Alberto Zangrillo tweeted, the patient “fighting”. Raiola’s confidant José Fortes Rodriguez told the broadcaster Nos from the Netherlands that it “looks bad”.

Italian media reported that football star Zlatan Ibrahimovic visited the consultant in the hospital on Thursday afternoon. Mario Balotelli, also a player of Raiola, wrote on Instagram next to a media scold: #staystrongmino (stay strong, mino).

It is unclear to what extent Raiola is involved in current transfer and contract talks, especially in Haaland in his state of hospital. Raiola has a small team of employees in his agency, but he is clearly the negotiator. In the case of Haaland, however, there is also the fact that father Alf-Ling is also involved in all negotiations and is always in close exchange with Raiola.

Manchester City is and remains the clear favorite for the commitment of the Norwegian – and would also be most able to manage the entire financial package.

Ex-Bundesliga professional Jan-Aage Fjörtoft, who is considered a close confidant of the Haaland family, assured that Bayern were also further interested last week. Third candidate is Real Madrid. The royales will probably hire Kylian Mbappé from Paris Saint-Germain and base two transfers of this dimension in a summer. Haaland is probably only the back-up here.

Talks between Haaland and Salihamidzic?

The participants did not confirm this. Haaland is said to have been in Munich in March to have a muscle injury treated.

During this period, a conversation is said to have taken place between the striker and Bayern Bayerns director Hasan Salihamidzic.

Regardless of this speculation, CEO Oliver Kahn recently said that FC Bayern dealt with Haaland’s personnel. “We would not do justice to our job if we didn’t deal with a young striker,” said Kahn about two weeks ago. A package of transfer, salary and consultant commission at the 21-year-old Norwegian is “very, very far away from what we imagine,” said Kahn. “These are financial dimensions that are outside of our idea.”

Even if the matter has long been delayed, very low. Haaland wants to go, that’s obvious. Dortmund has long since come to mind, is annoyed by the theater and long ago looking for successors. It cannot be assumed that Raiola’s state of health alone will ensure that Haaland will stay in Dortmund for another year.

Haaland traded at FC Bayern

There is practically daily speculation, because at some point FC Bayern will need a successor for the 33 -year -old top earner Lewandowski.

In its future, however, the Munich team clearly positioned themselves. “He has a contract until June 30, 2023. We will now have talks and see how they develop. Now we have time to talk about what is after June 30, 2023,” said Salihamidzic after winning the tenth Master title in series.

As an adequate successor, Haaland seems unaffordable, but speculation does not stop. With a decision on the Lewandowski future, the Haaland question could also receive new dynamics.

FC Barcelona attracts Lewandowski

The player side and club will explore this. Since Lewandowski’s contract runs over a year, the record champions are not under pressure.

Bayern top earner Lewandowski guarantees goals and successes, despite his 33 years.
Ultimately, the Munich team could get over if the striker, who was hired free of charge in summer 2014, also left the club in 2023 free of charge.
According to the French radio station “RMC” on Thursday, consultant Pini Zahavi wanted to ask for the release for his client at Bayern.
FC Barcelona is said to be interested in a transfer.
Such a business would be conceivable for an adequate transfer fee in the medium double -digit range.