Recently announced, The Quarry is the brand new Game Supermassive Horror Game. And the studio is targeting high, very high with a rather denied number of branches.


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The horror resumes

With Until Dawn, released exclusively on PlayStation 4, Supermassive Games had made a nice blow: their narrative horror game like Quantic Dream was an immediate success, taking up the codes of the Slasher-Movie efficiently. The formula will be taken up thereafter with The Dark Pictures which, each year, gratifies us with a new anthology and whose next one still has to go out: while waiting for the latter, The firm is about to release another game… completely new.

It is called The Quarry and will take up the traditional recipe for developers: young people who will be checked in turn, all trapped in a village with dangerous inhabitants. It will therefore be possible to regularly make choices, choices that will directly influence history and its various branches. And this time, Supermassive Games chose to set the bar very high.

Always more

It is in a small notebook of the developers that the studio has unveiled… that The game will include 186 different ends. Yes, you read that right: 186!

We have developed 186 different ends for these characters and not only “alive” or “dead”… The stories they have along the way are extremely varied.

The game rests enormously on the motion capture – there are many actors from the horror films of the 90s like David Arquette de Scream – The filming sessions are visibly intense. Like the writing of the scenarios, a real infernal headache according to the designers.

The Quarry | Official Prologue Gameplay | 2K | Supermassive Games

We have to turn 50 pages a day, which is unprecedented. It is a crazy amount of sequences. Trying is really a mathematical nightmare. It’s just exponential.

Rather original fact: The Quarry will even understand a “cinema” mode , where the player becomes a total spectator in front of an adventure that will take place automatically, without having to touch the controller.

The software is planned on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series and Xbox One for June 10.

Pre -order The Quarry on Amazon

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53 minutes ago

It remains the same game even with 186 different ends, just a choice that changes everything, but level gameplay is the same!
and sell that 75 euros and + for 5 hours of play even not it fears
But good rumors say that it will be in the GamePass, the CA can be excellent suddenly, because paying full pot for that, no!

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