TENK FACTORY (TNK Factory, Representative Shinhee) said that the AFK collected RPG ‘Billon Master: Dead or Alive’ was held on the 22nd.

This event will proceed from May 3 to May 3, and the Motorube taxi that runs around the city is scheduled to have a ‘Billon Master’ displacement on the upper indicator and to visit users.

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Especially, in a taxi billboard, a coupon number with a yellow quantity is also released, and the use of users is expected to be opened.

In addition, if you take the appropriate ads and authenticate it with a comment on the event post in the lounge, you will be a policy to pay up to 10 redness to all users, depending on the number of cumulative beads.

The ‘Billon Master’ has added a “Wolphman” as a new villa last 20th and has added a new content that requires a strategic arrangement, and updates the “Navigation of Murtain Murtain” and ‘Ruins’.

Meanwhile, the Motoro is a Mobility Urban Tech enterprise that provides a situation cognitive advertising business to install smart media devices on the first taxi top indicator in the world.