Game Accessories Manufacturer’s Brook Design, PLAYSTATION 5 / PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 3 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One / Xbox 360 / Nintendose Switch Handle Controller Converter “Ras1Uts 2” Released Overseas.

오징어게임x앙카 댄스(squid game x ankha dance)

This product is a handle controller converter that allows you to play the latest racing games such as “Gran Turismo 7” and “Forza Horizon 5”, even with the previous generation handle controller. Support most handle controllers and racing games equipment launched from major manufacturers such as Logitech, Fanatec, ThrustMaster, Hori, Microsoft, and respond to race games on each CS platform.

In addition, “RAS1UTION 2” is scheduled to be sold in Japan and will be released on the domestic product page soon.

# ◆ Hankon Converter [Ras1ution 2 “releases overseas!

The next generation game console is compatible with PS4 and Xbox One handle controller, arcade controller, etc., while the previous generation handle controller has been left behind.

The masterpiece race game is windy Currently, PS5 “Gran Turismo 7” and XSX ‘Forza Horizon 5’ achieve an excellent realistic operation experience in all. However, alignment of the race game device is expensive, high costs, handle controllers, but also play sheets, stands, screens, etc. are included, and a wide installation space is required. All Race Game Equipment Authorizations are supported, and it is only the BROOK’s “RAS1UTION” racing handle controller converter that can handle racing games for each platform!

# # ■ Compatible with the most popular handon in the market, constantly updated compatibility

The Ras1Uts series supports most of the racing handle controllers, which are released from major manufacturers such as Logitech, Fanatec, ThrustMaster, Hori, Microsoft. In recent years, high-end users, direct drives, direct drives, have jointly developed with Moza and Simagic and have high compatibility.

“RAS1UTION” has been launched in 2020 since its 8 updates, product optimization and more than 20 commercially available handle controllers have been added. Market Priced 1,000 USD 2 MOZA R21 Direct Drive Racing Simulator for MOZA R21 Direct Drive Racing Simulator, as well as “Gran Turismo 7”, “Mario Cart 8”, “Mario Cart 8”, “Gran Turismo 7”, and Switch Soft Sold Muscle Ranking. Can be used for Since the newly developed “RAS1UTION 2” can support PS5, the gamer already obtained PS5 can be used directly to select “RAS1UTION 2” and enjoy the race game in the PS5 world.

BROOK uses the basic philosophy to provide solutions to respond to the needs of all players, and will continue to work on support development of “RAS1UTION” and “RAS1UTION 2”. Newly released FANATEC DD Pro and ThrustMaster T-GT II, the SIMAGIC direct drive wheel mentioned above is also in the development list, and you can enjoy it by future firmware updates!

■ Detailed operation directly control, intuitive tuning in 1 second

“F1” also captures a smooth setting and a smooth setting. “RAS1UTION” can save “handle controller configuration profile” unlimitedly from a dedicated app connected by Bluetooth. Users can also quickly switch between different platforms, games, and “handle controller configuration profiles” according to the racing course. You can adjust intuitively from the app, such as “force feedback” and “steering sensitivity” etc. can be set more finely. There are various types of racing games that have a fine control and a “F1” series, and everyone who enjoys it together, and a “Mario Cart” series that needs a continuous handle chopsticks. Let’s fully capture all of them with “RAS1UTION”!

■ “RAS1UTION” series Product Features

  • Product page for domestic
  • PLAYSTATION 5 supports unique support and external controller-free plug and play (“RAS1UTION 2” can only support PS5).
  • PLAYSTATION 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Xbox 360, compatible with the use of Nintendose switches.
  • Corresponds to 33 or more handle controllers that are commercially available.
  • Achieve a gaming experience of a delayed zero, and adjust the sense of familiar with force feedback and steering sensitivity.
  • It is possible to switch and adjust the platform intuitively from the dedicated app and the BROOK HUB.
  • Specifications suitable for racing games such as streamline design, Start Engine, carbon fiber, etc. inspired by supercar.
    • High strength, high quality Type-C to USB tactic cable included.