“With a simple operation, many people use it much more efficiently to reduce business hours. If you use only 5 minutes, you will save 50 million if you use 100,000 people. “

The Digital Innovation Respondent of the Nonghyup, the Digital Innovation Respondent, the RPA propulsion team, introduces the NH Nonghyup RPA portal in February and said.

Unlike general companies, NACF unlike general companies, the nationwide cooperative is organically linked. Each combination was a separate corporation according to the area or the environment with the environment. So there was a perceived recognition that it is difficult to introduce RPA that automates repeating tasks.

The Nonghyup Middle Association conducted the RPA introduction project across three steps to overcome this.

The first step in 2019 was introduced by RPA priority to the central society as a pilot stage. Employees are to learn how to use and identify practicality. In Step 2, the department identified individual business, the common work of the affiliates, automated it with RPA.

The three steps are RPA portals that are presenting this time. Integrated from RPA development to deployment, and not limited to specific departments or regions, it was designed for entirely renovated transcriptional digital business innovations.

“The instruments that enrolled RPA,” the instrument that introduced RPA, the most feasibility of digital conversion IT technology, and it was possible to confirm with the eyes, and the members of the Digital Subscribe could be accepted by the eyes, “he said,” ” I think that various cooperatives would be able to provide a variety of benefits to a variety of cooperatives. “

In addition to the general in-house work, including financial and accounting to support all the members, the NACF As a result, the introduction of the RPA portal has exceeded 270 and more than 270, and more than 270 years of use.

“The RPA portal,” RPA portal, has aimed to reduce the burden of 10,000 employees, reducing the repetition of 100,000 employees, reducing the repetition of 100,000 employees, “he said,” he said, I was worried about the structure that could efficiently operate RPA. “

“In the meantime, the cooperative has been aware that the cooperative was difficult to apply RPA worldwide, but it was successfully overcome it,” he said. “

The Nonghyup Middle Association also unified the national affiliates and affiliates. It is to minimize the complex setup of automation bots. Thanks to the RPA portal automation bots can be downloaded from the portal without separate additional settings, such as a mobile app, and immediately available to work.

“Many of the cooperatives do not touch a lot of IT technology,” he said, “he said,” he said, “he said, Explained.

“There was a difficulty that I have to do in addition to the portal deployment, but I have been able to get standardize the data of combinations,” he said,.

“It is difficult to have a system in the beginning of the year,” he was difficult to catch the system, and it was difficult to prepare an integrated operating room for errors, “he said,” In this process, it seems to have successfully resulted in “He added.

The Nonghyup Middle Association has been automated by local and business, followed by RPA portals automating the work that cooperatives are commonly used.

We visited the field so that it is to automate a variety of business areas and directly identify the work process and interact with responsibilities and opinions.

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“The NACF,” The NACF is a structure, which is in charge of a very diverse business, such as a financial, agriculture, agriculture, agriculture, agriculture, agriculture, agricultural industry, not any one field, “said Park Myeong-jung,” the structure in which it is in charge of a very diverse business, such as a financial, agricultural industry, economy, distribution and education. ” I am important to listen to opinions. “

For business automation diffusion, the RPA portal supports a new RPA bot, not a developer, or to identify and share the application results.

Sulfur’s exaggeration is that “there are still a shortage in the formation of the project, but it is insufficient in the formation of the assignment, but in the formation of the combination of the project, but it is already spreading to the proposal of 40 patients.” “Now, I wanted to go. “

The Nonghyup Middle Association also promotes promotions and campaigns and education for the ability to cooperatives to enable RPA to become a business culture.

“To ensure that the members of the Bummyung,” Hackton Tournament, and an idea becoming ahead of the competition, and took a burden on the RPA, “said Park Myeong-jung,” he said. ” “I said.

She said she said, “I personally hope that RPA is naturally melted in daily routine,” he said, “he said,” he said, “he said,” he said, “he said,” he said.