Zion is one of the fashion champions in League of Legends . The new ways of playing that the community has learned from the streamers rarely give results, making anyone want to have it in his team or face him. The truth is that he is not a very effective champion, but his bane rate does not stop increasing as the days go by and little by little he becomes one of the most hated. What everyone knows is that its new version of it born in ReWork is not even half of terrifying that existing in the game before the relaunch.

The League of Legends champion who killed with his eyes

We still remember the first version of Zion as one of the less attractive champions that Riot Games has created . His skills were the simplest and combined a great power in basic attacks with sick scales of skill power. A very strange combination that has never finished working in the game and that gave rise to a pretty poor character that could not always be played. However, at the time when he was fine or had a favorable confrontation, facing him was horrifying.

To make memory, we will review the skills of the old Zion…

Passive – without pain *: Zion has a 40% chance to reduce 30/40/50 damage less due to basic attacks
Q-Cryptic look *: He terrifies the enemies with their eyes, inflicting 70-300 (+ 90% AP) of magical damage and stunning them for 1.5 seconds.

W-Mortal caress *: Zion shields himself 10-300 (+90% AP) Life points for 10 seconds. After 4 seconds, if he is still active, he can detonate the shield to inflict 100-300 (+ 90% AP) of damage in area.
E-Enrabieado *: By activating the ability, he wins 25-65 attack damage. In return, his attacks cost 6-14 life points. While the ability is active, killing a unit increases 1-3 life points permanently. He has no cooling.

Sion - Before the Rework
* R – CANIBALISM : For 20 seconds, Zion wins 50/75 / 100% of life robbe Damage inflicted on nearby allies.

The old sion skills kit was very little inspired. Everything revolved around hitting the rival with basic attacks on the rival. However, there were no tools to reach them beyond a cryptic look that did not fit his skills’s kit either. Are we really going to overlook that a skill says that the enemy terrifies and its effect is stunned instead of “fear“? In short, the champion played running for the enemies after stunning them with the shield put . To all this we must add a passive with a random mechanics that never fits a competitive game.

The bad thing is that in the best times of him the champion was insufferable. He accumulated a lot of life and was unbeatable to 1. He could reach almost 100 attack points during the first level of the game . In addition, the stunning of him applied by clicking on the objective (such as the old Taric) and was impossible to dodge. However, beyond the frustration caused with all the positive points, not even the players who could try League of Legends Classic considered it as one of the best during the first seasons.