Xseed has announced the arrival of No More Heroes III A PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox and PC. These new versions will be published in autumn, even without specific date; They will be accompanied by a special edition, which can be seen on the Tweet that is about these lines.

No More Heroes 3 is No More Switch Exclusive! Coming to PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox, & PC Enhanced!

The Grasshopper Manufacture game premiered in August last year in Nintendo Switch; It was expected that exclusivity will end sooner than late, so confirmation is not surprising.

The jump to new platforms comes, as xseed explains, with “HD graphics and Framerates improved and faster loading times». Beyond the technical, there does not seem to have news about the content, which seems the same as that of the original version, and that proposes us to put ourselves in the travis touchdown skin to climb an intergalactic ranking until winning the right to face ourselves Prince Fu, cosmic sovereign.

It is a frankly deranged game and that surely benefits a lot from the visual push, which will help the wasteful of style not shock with the agents who, unfortunately, were more obvious in Switch. All in all, I personally liked it so much not heroes III that I could not resist to emphasize him between the best of last year; At least one of the most remarkable, I have no doubt. It is “an overwhelmingly poor videogame,” he wrote then, “shabby beyond any possible justification, limited by his technical reality (…) and by his own vulgarity, in which it is recreated and refocked in a stubborn and irritating way.” But what style! I follow:

There is more style and more claw in a minute of no more heroes III that in literally all the other games that can run a switch, together. What video game more infamous. If I could, I would not play another thing in the rest of my life.

It is an incredible experience, in short.