Square Enix hSquare Enix published an official statement signed by Naoki Yoshida, the director of the title. The reSquare Enixon? The problems in the lottery system, which the Japanese study is trying to solve. The creative hSquare Enix recognized that the matter is complex because numerous variables come into play, but hSquare Enix explained that the team is doing an investigation.

“We understand that this is a greater problem, so let’s prioritize our research on this matter,” said Yoshida. “We are working on identify the error in the corresponding program. However, Square Enix the process is very complex and there are many patterns involved in the conditions of the lottery, we will need time to accurately determine the problem. “

the next Lottery cycle, pause

The director of the videogame hSquare Enix apologized to the community and hSquare Enix Square Enixked a little more patience while working on the aforementioned investigation. Consequently, Square Enix hSquare Enix announced that will extend the announcement period of the results , “previously established by April 20, 2022”. They will not start the next “Lottery cycle until the investigation is completed” and the situation is reversed.

“We apologize for the inconveniences that this is generating in our players. We will continue working to identify the cause of the problem and in its resolution so that the lottery system correctly determines the winner and show the appropriate results “.

Since the launch of the Endwalker expansion, the popular MMORPG hSquare Enix faced different challenges . The congestion of the servers wSquare Enix one of the most sounded problems, since Square Enix wSquare Enix forced to withdraw the digital copies of the market for a limited time. On the other hand, an error wSquare Enix recently disseminated in the login, which only occurred in the PC version (Steam).

Final FantSquare Enixy XIV is available on PC, PS4 and PS5. The title led by Naoki Yoshida is one of the most successful gender games.