It is and remains a narrow race at the top of the table – too, because Primus Eintracht Bamberg already made the second draw within a few weeks. This time, the Bamberger had to sit down on bumpy loops with a 2: 2 with the “Galliern” of the TSV Großbardorf and at the end even lucky enough for the substitute Schmittschmitt to put a late free kick from around 25 meters to the net ( 82.). Previously, the homely had gone through a Rugovaj penalmeter with 1: 0 in the lead (10.), a little later, Schories combined over left, pulled into the middle and hit the distance flat and precisely to the 2-0 (35th). But the Bamberger, who were committed, rewarded before the break. The connection hit quickly went, helmer was operated by interface passport and remained cool (40th) in front of the keeper. Eintracht is thus with two counters lead in front of the DJK Vilzing on the square on the sun.

There were three more lots yet on this Easter Monday: The 6-1 away win stands in the eye that the ASV Cham introduces the TSV Karlburg. It was the fifth victory in a row, with which the formerly depressed ASV Cham works so slowly but safely from the basement and now climbs over the stroke from the red z1. It looks very different at the TSV Karlburg, whose recent sign of life could not be confirmed against SC moist and who must be accepted with the relegation. The game was as unilateral as the result says. The ASV was clear better and achieved partly outstanding gates. After half an hour, a counterattack provided finely by hoe by cold ice, for the guest guide; Even before the pause whistle Cham disturbed the homeland energetic in the construction, Medineli drove the reward of the pressing work – 2: 0 for the ASV (45.). After restarted, a stiffened ball from Wekl to the 3: 0 in the gate (49.), right then songs of 20 meters sprouted the 4: 0 in the angle (50th). Cham continued to play full throttle and met again with a fine blade: Again it was songs that, after a steep pass, a lapfer unpacked – 5: 0 (61). Schramm had caused a head for a corner for the 1: 5 honor goal (71.), but the last word had Furiose Chamer, who could largely cut into progress, until rice-flatten marked the 6: 1 final score.

Also Hofs Drewanz meets worth seeing

Still from direct descent, the FC sand is threatened, which underlaid in the basement duel with 0: 2 at Bavaria Hof. In an intense duel worried Durkan the 1: 0 pause guide, when he was after a tee and a staggered ball alone before the keeper and sovereign remained (35.). Even at the second goal of Hommelf, the guest defense was negligible – but that should not quix the performance of Drewanz, whose hit was to tidal tongue. First he fought vigorously the ball in the midfield, then he started a solo, which he crowned with a soulful lifter over the keeper to 2: 0 (73nd). Hof is thus heading on the league.

Un examen du maillot de cyclisme thermique

And in the fourth game of the Monday, the guests of DJK Don Bosco Bamberg ended their away task at the DJK VIEBENBACH only ninth – and documents accordingly with 2: 4. Highly entertaining was already the first half, in which the Bamberger went through Sperlein with 1: 0 in the lead (11th), Cabben but quickly could compensate for a faulerfeter transformed by Becker to 1: 1 (16th). Seifert then brought the homelif head with 2: 1 in front (22nd), but the guests could not be compensated by the traffic light card, which conceded Hörnes for a superfluous shearing map: Trawally marked the 2: TraWally marked the 2: 2 (45. + 2.). Ten minutes after resource whistle was Don Bosco then only with two men less on the field: Allgaier looked smoothly after a rough foul game. With the appropriate rooms, Gürben made clear: Gorgiev to 3: 2 (58.) and again Seifert to 4 : 2 (63.) caused the home win.