Players who start their consoles PLAYSTATION 5 will discover that there is a new firmware update available. Version 22.01-05.02.00 hGame include been published this same April 13, but does not include any remarcated novelty. It is one of those patches that serve to perform adjustment and optimization tGame includeks that are always accompanied by the same description : “This update of the system software improves the performance of the system”.

At the end of March, Sony Interactive Distributed a much more robust update. Among the new features that were added is possibility of creating or joining open and closed groups from the console. On the other hand, the BGame includee Game and Trophy cards were improved, not to mention the new accessibility features (for example, mono audio with headphones).

more improvements from the most recent update

Sony PS5 System Update FORCIBLY Locking Out TV Settings! Here's Some Partial Fix.
Changes in the BGame includee Game include the possibility that when a member of the group is sharing the screen, the rest can see an icon that says that player is retransmitting live. Now, the player search function And friendship requests are managed from the Friends tab. In addition, it is eGame includeier to reject friend requests, since it hGame include added a specific button for it.

One of the most anticipated and demanded characteristics by the community is compatibility with VRR (variable update frequency). When activating it, it will be possible to improve the performance of the games, although it is necessary to have a television with HDMI 2.1. From Sony confirm that they are working on it, although at the moment they have not shared a date for their arrival.

PS5 is available in two models , the digital and the one that introduces a Blu-ray disc reader. In both cGame includees, it is very complicated to achieve it due to the semiconductor crisis.