In the past we have heard cases of games that have benefited from arriving at PlayStation Plus on his launch day, as happened with fall guys. However, a case was recently announced where this was a bad decision. According to a developer of _ oddworld: soultorm _, that this title arrived at PS Plus, was “devastating”.

In a talk with Xbox Expansion Pass, Lorne Lanning, the Creator of the Oddworld series, he said that they were expected between 50 thousand 100 thousand downloads of odddworld: Soultorm at PlayStation Plus, this when one arrived in April 2021. However, * The developer revealed that the number of downloads reached the four million units *, something that affected the normal sales of the title.

Lanning believes that The study lost profits due to the unexpected popularity of the title in Sony’s subscription service, which reduced potential sales. This was what he commented:

“Because it was delayed until April, we had the game more downloaded in PS5 and I think it was approaching approximately 4 million units or something like that, for all were subscriptions. So for us it was devastating. “

However, not everything is so simple. LANNING mentioned that the development of DDDWORLD: Soultorm was facing several problems, so Sony’s support to finish the project came with the condition of launching the game on ps plus . Next to this, a launch was originally planned for January 2021, when the amount of ps5 was not so big. Unfortunately, the pandemic caused a three-month delay.

This Developer is MAD that PlayStation Plus
Eventually, _ oddworld: Soultorm_ ceased to be an exclusive PlayStation, and came to Xbox consoles, although Lanning did not reveal the performance of this title on these platforms. On related topics, the PS Plus service receives a significant change. Similarly, Xbox gives a strong blow to the new PS Plus.

Editor’s note:

It makes it clear that services are a double-edged sword. While a game can reach a higher public, sales will not always be positive. In the case of fall guys, the exhibition was an important impulse, but DDDWORLD: SOULSTORM is a single-player game, so a conventional form of distribution would have been better, but the study is not in a position to do this.