Spectra Entertainment announced on April 16th, turn-based strategy RPG “ Dream Tactics “. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam).

“Dream Tactics” is a turn system strategy RPG fighting in a deck construction. DREAM WORLD, which is the stage of this work, has been occupied by the Makura’s army. The protagonist Neru, along with his friends, the main character is going to face Dream World from the eternal sleep.

In the battle of this work, the characters will draw cards and decide their actions. More than 100 cards appear, and each character can decide the combo by using multiple cards. New options will spread every turn to draw a new card quite every turn. If you don’t like the card you have drawn, you can re-call by consuming points.

Cards can be found on the way and can be used to build decks for each character. Cards can also be exchanged between characters. Let’s build a character’s place style to meet your own strategy. Also, the character can be strengthened by using accessories. The equipped accessories can receive unique and powerful passive effects. However, it is necessary to choose which one to wear all accessories. It would be a good idea to choose an accessory that triggers the maximum effect in its own strategy.

A companion joined to a party can be found in the middle of a journey. A companion to accompany you can each own a large number of friends who own their own cards, and you can extend the width of the battle along the player’s strategy. DREAM WORLD may have a variety of treasures. Maps can also explore these factors. However, please note that danger may be dangerous in front of the treasure.

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Furthermore, the topography of Dream World may work advantageously in the battle. It is possible to build a dominant position in the battle by being aware of the route using terrain well. And the enemy may also take advantage of terrain. I would like to know what strategic gameplay will be delivered by a cute pixel art that I was aware of the “Game Boy Advance Day”.

“Dream Tactics” is scheduled for PC (STeam).