Zerator continues to feed the videoludic news of this month of April. After Z Lan there is little, today we learn that AS Far As The Eye, a game developed by UNEXPECTED, the Streamer Twitch studio, will soon land on Nintendo Switch with two physical editions already pre-order.


A Enchanting City-Builder

As Far As The Eye presents itself as a strategic city-builder in which players and players embody the breath, sort of elementary deity which aims to direct pupils, a nomadic tribe, towards the eye, the center of the world. This postulate is used to tell an ecological fable in an enchanting bucolic world. Rather focused on the message and relaxation, as Far The Eye does not contain “enemies” strictly speaking: above all, it is necessary to survive by defying Time and wave, a cataclysm that threatens pupils.

ZLAN 2022 #2 : Phase de poule 1 - Elden Ring

In order to protect this nomadic tribe, you have to be meticulous in its management of resources, carry out harvests and venture towards the unknown to find valuable treasures that will make a peaceful trip. Each trip is determined in a procedural way, with a system comparable to a “strategic roguelike”. Finally, the title is thought for each player. It is possible to set its parts by modifying their duration, the size of the steps as well as the generation of resources, among others.

Next release on Switch, two physical editions in pre-order

Already available since 2020 on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, AS Far As The Eye arrives soon with two physical editions on Nintendo Switch. already available on their site in pre-order, these two editions will be delivered at a next date.

The first classic edition includes the basic game accompanied by a booklet. Limited to 2900 copies, this version is to be booked for € 29.99 and will be delivered from September 10th. For the fans of the Streamer Zerator, game or even of the genre, a collector edition is also planned. Against 79,99 €, it will be possible to receive the title, the original band in a double vinyl of 22 tracks, a lithograph signed by the Streamer and a box collector. This edition is limited to 950 copies and will be released in the first quarter 2023. Collectors and collectors are therefore warned.


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1 hour ago

I really do not understand this mania to put English titles for a game that only French will buy.

At the rigor I can admit that Quantic Dream does it. But here I do not see.

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