DC Comics to be PURGED After Warner Bros and Discovery Merger?!
In case you had already forgotten, last year it was reported that WarnerMedia and Discovery had merged into a gigantic company of streaming. This also had repercussions for his videogame division, Warnergames , which was fragmented after merger. However, a new report suggests that Warner is aware that there are not enough video games of DC, and now want to do something about it.

VARIETY shared a new report where it is mentioned that Warner. Bros Discovery You have intentions to restore the DC Entertainment brand. In this same report is mentioned that DC has a strong presence on the big screen, but there is not much of what to talk about in the videogame section and this is something that they want to give it greater importance. At the moment we do not know exactly what your future plans are going to be, but at least we know that they recognize it.

For years, the fans have been pleading for a game of Superman , as well as other key heroes of DC , but we have not had anything about it. Apparently, the Steel Man is one of the priority properties for Warner Bros. Discovery, and are also looking for a new life through cinema and other means.

Editor’s note: We hope that your intentions are honest and you really have plans to give you a greater presence to DC in the world of videogames. Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League are good steps, but there are endless heroes that could also be adapted very well at this means.