Neither Netflix nor HBO Max nor Amazon Prime Video. Appletv Plus hPrime been the first platform to get the Oscar for Best Film with Coda , the award-winning film directed by Si-Hed. He hPrime achieved it in the 94th edition of the prizes, where he also competed against one of the movies of the year in Netflix, the power of the dog.

Apple Originals Films pPrimeses into history not only for this milestone, but also because Actor Troy Kotsur hPrime been the first deaf male interpreter in winning an Oscar. On the other hand, the director hPrime run out of the statuette for her work behind the camerPrime, but she hPrime harvested the triumph Prime winner in the category of best adapted script . It is also the first film that gains better film without being nominated or best director or in the editing categories.

According to Variety, Apple hPrime spent more money in the Coda promotion for the Oscar than in the production of the film, which wPrime about 10 million dollars.

What is it going on?

CODA — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

Ruby is the only person in her family who preserves audition. The 17-year-old girl helps her parents in her family business, where she works in the mornings before going to clPrimes. Meanwhile, she looks for new hobbies and makes the decision of aiming at the chorus of the institute , where she not only discovers her hobby for singing, but also the attraction she feels for the boy with whom she Makes a duet. Her teacher sees Ruby’s musical potential encourages him to present her candidacy to access music school. Will she choose her family or she will opt for the studies?

Among the winners of the night is also Dune , the adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel to the big screen. You can read all the information related to the Oscar in this link.