At the weekend, Square Enix surprised his fans on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Kingdom Heart’s video game series with news and announcements. Including Kingdom Hearts IV.

So surprisingly, the idea of Kingdom Hearts IV may not have been for some. Because the name of the game appeared next to many more in a leak of the GeForce database.

Kingdom Hearts 4 REVEALED and Final Fantasy 9 REMAKE IS REAL!
Now, since the next part of the series turned out to be true, there is a hope for a remake of Final Fantasy IX, a title that Square Enix has also protected. Also a Remake Final Fantasy Tactics seems possible because the Japanese company “Tactics Ogre Reborn” also has to be legally protected.

It remains to be seen when a possible remake is to be implemented. Because with Final Fantasy 16, Kingdom Hearts IV, ForSpoken, Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 and a potential remake of Final Fantasy Tactics, Square Enix already has any lot of games in development anyway.