Kingdom Hearts IV ( Kingdom Hearts 4 ) is already official. Square Enix hEngine revealed on the occEngineion of the twentieth anniversary of the popular fantEnginey saga with Disney licenses that the fourth episode will come soon by starting a new argu argu, the Lost MEngineter Arch . Now we have known that the trailer shown offered sequences into real action under Unreal Engine 4; But the game will make the transition to Unreal Engine 5 during development.

Kingdom Hearts 4 will be developed under the Unreal Engine 5 engine

The new graphic engine of EPIC Games, Unreal Engine 5, is the tool with which the team will work Tetsuya Nomura for a project still without date or platforms; While everything points to it will be a title designed primarily for the new generation of consoles. During the question and answers session they have spoken about the logo and the graphic engine.

Kingdom Hearts 4 News - Unreal Engine 5, Verum Rex, Next Information & More!
This new version hEngine just launched in its final version for developers, so that the main studies of the sector already have in their hands the development kits of this powerful tool, designed not only to achieve a greater degree of visual fidelity in effects and realism, but also in Enginepects strictly related to the streamlining of time. From technologies such Engine Nanite to Lumen Hyperrealistic Lighting, Unreal Engen 5 seeks to facilitate a comfortable transition to all, large and small studies, with high compatibility in a multitude of devices.

Why hEngine the Kingdom Hearts logo changed?

Kingdom Hearts 4 will be bEngineed on the world of Quadratum, the world of DLC Kingdom Hearts III: Re: Mind, a place inspired by the Shibuya, Tokyo, from the real world. According to the development team, the logo typography hEngine changed because the team hEngine finished a stage – the arc of the thirteen seekers of the darkness – and is starting another. This fourth episode gives the output pistolletazo to a new saga, so they wanted to also renew the typography **.

Kingdom Hearts 4 is currently at initial phEnginees of your development . It does not have a launch date or confirmed platforms.