Converting Xbox Live Gold to Game Pass

The Xbox Game Pass has become a first-rate subscription option for players around the world because it offers first-over monthly versions and continuous upgrades in a clear attempt to make the games on Xbox and PCs easily accessible. At only $ 14.99 per month for Ultimate Gamepass that includes features such as the EA PLAY subscription, the Xbox Live Gold subscription, exclusive discounts to members and new consistent versions, most players would find the Gamepass option as a “flight of a case” if they could look beyond the appearance of the subscription. Once again, Microsoft has been able to reach a remarkable game as soon as Jeff Hattem, head of the studio and creative director of Tuque Games, announced that Dengeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance would be available on the Microsoft Gamepass from the first day. On June 22, Dark Alliance will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Windows 10 PCs and compatible phones and tablets via the Xbox Gaming Cloud.

DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS DARK ALLIANCE is another addition to the incredibly popular series and this entry goes beyond the more complex approach to the games of the past, because Dark Alliance is an action brawler in the third person who drops the players in Icewind Dale to face tenacious monsters. And pick up an epic booty. The game supports four-player cooperation and facilitates crossed game between PC and Xbox. Dark Alliance allows players to select one of the four heroes, each with different tactics and strategies that help in the fighting, whether through an arc and an arrow in a long-distance fight or using stealth to be elusive.

The launch of the game being planned on June 22, in a little over a month, the developers announced that from May 14 and every Friday until the launch, the gameplay will be presented on Twitch from noon!

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