NEW Metroid Dread Boss Rush Mode DLC is Out! - Gameplay Tour
Last February it was announced that _ Metroid Dread _ would receive two updates with new game modes. The first two, Rookie and Dread mode, arrived the same day that this information was released. Now, version 2.1.0, which adds a pair of Boss Russhes, is now available.

At this time you can update MoROID DRead, and have access to three game modes completely free. These are focused on Boss Rush, where he fights against the 12 heads of the game in a followed and without rest. Below which are:

  • BOSS RUSH: Fights against the 12 heads of the game to get the best possible time . The damage between combats is preserved. To unlock this mode you need to finish the game for the first time.

  • Survival Rush: You have five minutes to beat all possible bosses . With each enemy defeated, additional time adds to your marker. This mode is unlocked at the end of Boss Rush or Dread Rush for the first time.

  • Dread Rush: Similar to Boss Rush, you face the 12 main heads of the game , but if you receive a single blow, it’s Game Over. To unlock this mode you will have to overcome the Dread mode of the main adventure.

Along with this, the 2.1.0 update arranges a problem that did not provide the Game Over screen correctly once Samus was defeated. At the moment it is unknown if MoreID DRead will receive more content in the future , but these additional modes will offer additional hours of play.

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Editor’s note:

Although I personally do not interest me the new game modes, especially Dread, I have to admit that the new content is quite fun, and is focused on all people who want to become the best spatial hunter in the world.