Data cards are important collectibles in the LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga Saga, and players will find them across the Galaxy. One of them is in the Citadel Sith in an exaggera, and you will reach this area at the end of the episode IX: Skywalker. Players are wondering how to unlock this data card in Citadel Sitchov to purchase additions.

Where to find a data card in Citadel Sitchov on an exaggera?

Arriving in the landing zone on an exaggera, head directly to the elevator, which goes downstairs. We listed the coordinates for which players must travel to find the data card, and you can also follow the link above the link.

  • x: 7.9
  • D: -3.8
  • z: -29,6

All 19 Data Card Locations in LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga!
The data card is located on top of metal pipes, and there is only one way to climb there. Climb the forest and move right to find a climbing rope. Tighten the rope shown in the image above to get to the top of the metal pipe. Having reached the vertices, just go straight to get the data card. These collectibles are used to unlock useful additions in the game, and most of them are hidden in complex places.

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