The national leagues are a great opportunity for players who enter a professional level demonstrate what they are made, yesterday the Golden League’s great ending was held at Colombia , facing Zeu5 Bogotá in Against Braves Rising at a better five to decide the best team in the league.

Pointing as favorites due to the success of past tournaments and with their great performance within this season the team of zeu5 headed by Juan “Jujo” Rodríguez had a weight on top to show that they deserve the title of champion. On the other hand the Brava squad did not come with the best conditions, arriving in fourth place in the table and losing the first game of playoffs before zeu5 they had to come from the lower bracket and defeat teams like King of Goats and Awake Gaming to get his deserved pass to the final.

Onoda Esports vs Zeu5 Bogotá | Golden League Apertura 2020 | Jornada 1-1 | League of Legends
Beginning the confrontation The Zeu5 team took the initiative with a Viktor in the central lane in the hands of Jaime “Zelt” Urbina who managed to put a difficult line to cross, despite the ambush attempts of Alejandro “Athyz” Núñez and prioritize the dragons to try to reduce the difference of gold, however, ZEU5 was infallible in team fights, getting increasing the economic advantage they had, the work done by the support Juan “Ichiwin “Armila was spectacular due to the number of initiations he could survive on each occasion, with all this the team of the Colombian wolves took the first point of the series.

Now starting the second confrontation of the series, Braves Rising I had to seek to take the early advantage in the game, on this occasion Miguel “Kantoshi” Escobar with a FIORA would be in charge of taking advantage at the top of the map but Victor “Keii” Durango with the scourge of the seas would be denied and with the barrel wrapped would cause havoc in the crack, thanks to the control of the jungle that Gustavo proposed “Hexos” Pérez with Jarvan would get to get An early soul of the oceans to close the second game in favor of ZEU5.

Arriving at a third game, it could be the end for brave rising , they took a tryndamere for kantoshi that in a way would it work, however, hexes now with a Volibear I would take the reins and dragons to avoid climbing the rival team, now Felipe “Hobbler” Tobón would be the protagonist of the series with a Zeri that exploded rivals to sparks and thanks to the meat wall It was ichiwin with tahm kench I managed to survive giving his team the Colombian championship.

After a series centered towards only one side the team of zeu5 bogotá is crown again as the monarch of the golden cup **, consolidating its domain within the region, hoping to get more points to get to Promo / relegation and perhaps in the future to see them compete in the Latin American League before teams such as Team Aze or Stral.