Epic Games announced a formal release of the Game Engine Latest Version “ Unreal Engine 5 ” to work on the company at “The State of Unreal 2022” held from 0:00 on April 6.

Unreal Engine 5 Release | The State of Unreal 2022 Keynote Presentation

In this engine, “next-generation real-time rendering” “new open world tool set” “Built-in tool for character and animation” “Editor modeling, UV editing, Bake” “Editor UI and workflow enhance” “completely procedural “Audio engine” “A wonderful final pixel image” and the like, and a powerful tool used by the technical demo “The Matrix Awakens” that has been published last year and is also available to the THE MATRIX AWAKENS. It becomes.

In addition, content for new creators, such as “CITY Sample”, “CITY Sample”, which can check the city scene of “Lyra Starter Game” and the above mentioned “The Matrix Awakens” described above, “Epic Developer Community”, which can be checked for developers and communities. Content Is also prepared and it is not useful for excavating more than ever than ever. Please check the official site for details of each function and release notes.