Quarterback Colin Kaepernick has as announced at the half-time of the Spring Games of Michigan in front of NFL scouts to talents that are admitted to the draft. He then had a clear message.

After the public workout, which was obviously held under the guidance of Michigan-Head coach Jim Harbaugh – Kaepernicks first NFL coach at the San Francisco 49ers -, Kaepernick voice with reporter Jeanna Trotman from the local station wxyz: “It went here to show that I can still. This is one of the questions that will be asked to my agent again and again. So it was our goal to show all that I still play and the ball can still throw the ball. “

Kaepernick also set up a message to the 32 teams of the NFL: “I can help you to shape a better team, I can help you win games.” Kaepernick also acknowledged: “I know that it just does not give up my situation that I would come back as a starter somewhere. But I also know that I will be able to work on it and prove this very quickly.”

In the direction of the interested teams Kaepernick finally said, “More than anything else, I would like to go in to a workout, put me with you to a table and discuss how I can help you to make your team better.”

Previously, Kaepernick had already trained college players from Michigan during the week and spent time with them. Quarterback Cade McNamara was impressed by the former Niners-QB: “I was a 49er fan since I grew up in Reno. So at that time I always saw coach Harbaugh at the 49ers and Cape was always the QB,” McNamara remembered and went Fort: “I trained with him a few times this week. He still has a rocket arm and can throw the ball hard. He was always extremely respectful to me.”

Colin Kaepernick: Harbaugh makes Kaepernick on the Honor Captain

Harbaugh had threaded the action and Kaepernick as honor captain to the Spring Game of Wolverines to Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, better known as “The Big House”.

Kaepernick played last in 2016 in the NFL and protested with his knees during the national anthem against police violence against black. After the season he became free agent and was then committed to no more team.

In 2017, Kaepernick then filed a claim for illegal agreements against the NFL, which apparently decided not to challenge the quarterback due to its peaceful protests. The NFL requested to dismiss the action, but the competent court rejected the NFL of this application. In 2019, both sides agreed on a confidential comparison and Kaepernick pulled his action back.

Colin Kaepernick throws in front of NFL scouts at Michigan's spring game
In the same year he stopped a public workout, which did not lead to the desired result due to appointment problems with scouts. In the past few weeks, meanwhile, the voices of players of the NFL, who require a plow caevernicks. Among other things, Wide Receiver Tyler Lockett expressed itself and also trained privately with the quarterback, which documents that by video on social media.

Pete Carroll: Kaepernick “Has Second Chance deserves”

Lockets coach Pete Carroll from the Seattle Seahawks meanwhile spoke about Kaepernick recently. Carroll said, “Does this guy earn a second chance? I think so.” Carroll, however, surprised: “Somewhere. I do not know if this is or where it would be. I do not even know if that will be in football, I just do not know.”

After the departure of Russell Wilson, the Seahawks had a place in the squad free, even if they stressed just repeatedly that Drew Lock was now her starter. The latter, however, was already in the past few years at the Denver Broncos without overwhelming competition on the bank.

Kaepernick was originally a two-round chip of the San Francisco 49ers from Nevada and makes 69 games for the niners. In 2012 he became the starter for Alex Smith and even led the team to the Super Bowl, which was lost against the Baltimore Ravens.

Overall, he came to more than 12,000 yards, 72 touchdowns and 30 interceptions, and above all shone with his dynamics, which made him with the legs to a dangerous weapon. A capability that is quite in demand in today’s NFL.

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Colin Kaepernick: Statistics for the 49ers

Season |
Games |
Pass Quote (percent) |
Yards |
Touchdowns |
Interceptions |
Rushing Yards |
Rushing TD

2011 |
3 |
60 |
35 |
0 |
0 |
-2 |
2012 |
13 |
62,5 |
1814 |
10 |
3 |
415 |
2013 |
16 |
58.4 |
3197 |
21 |
8 |
524 |
2014 |
16 |
60,5 |
3369 |
19 |
10 |
639 |
2015 |
9 |
59 |
1615 |
6 |
5 |
256 |
2016 |

12 |
59.2 |
2241 |
16 |
4 |
468 |
Total |
69 |
59.8 |
12,271 |
72 |
30 |
2300 |