In 2019, it was announced that Michael Bay would be abandoned completely to the cinematographic franchise of Transformers , this after having directed five films. At the time we never gave us a true explanation of why, but now three years later and we are learning that, apparently, Steven Spielberg had something to do with this.

PLATING WITH UNILAD UK About your new movie known as Ambulance, Bay explained the following:

“The truth is that I made too many transformers movies. Steven Spielberg told me, ‘Only stop when you do three’. And I told him I would. The study begged me to make a fourth, and that also exceeded one billion dollars. And then I said there I would stop me. And then they begged me again. I should have stopped me. But they were fun to produce. “

Michael Bay says Steven Spielberg told him to quit making 'Transformers' movie: 'I should quit'

The five Bay films combined exceeded the $ 4 billion mark at the global box office, with Dark of the Moon and Age of Extinction having reached more than a billion dollars respectively. Even though Bay will no longer be involved with this Saga, Paramount Pictures is already working on a new movie and here you can know the official name of it.

Editor’s note: I think only the first Transformers movie was really good, and from there everything fell into a minced. Bay definitely had to have retired a little earlier, but no one can deny how successful it turned out to be this franchise under the direction of him.