As in any role-playing game, the Triangle Strategy has a level limit. But with an increase in levels, even after the “new game Plus” and adding new mental battles to the list, it may sometimes seem that there is no ceiling levels. But do not worry, it will be difficult to get to it until you get to the last few chapters in the second pass.

The maximum level that units in the triangle strategy is 50 . The highest level of Mental Mock Battle, which you can spend is 49 .

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If you thought about grinding your units before the opening of the level 49, do not do this. Characters cease to quickly gain experience if their level is higher than the recommended level. Greengets only when you have a low level for the battle in the next chapter.

If you are ready to drop pride in the effectiveness of the Grinda, reduce the complexity of the game to very simple temporarily. You will still receive the same objects, rewards and experience. Enemies just get more damage, and you are less. We also have a complete guide on how to quickly raise the level in the triangle strategy.

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