You would like a new adventure with Nintendos Pinker Knutschkugel Kirby? Then you are lucky! On the one hand, you do not have to wait a long time, on the other hand, you can already save ten euros when buying the game.

Kirby and the forgotten country: where can you save?

Nintendo does not often offer its in-house games for less money than the full price. So you can often wait and wait without a game gets cheaper. Kirby and the forgotten land, on the other hand, now costs days before his publication on 25. March, ten euros less.

at media market:

Kirby and the Forgotten Land - Mouthful Mode Reveal - Nintendo Switch
at Saturn:

at Amazon:

Whether the price reduction is permanent or only temporarily stops to the release is unknown. But if you plan to play the new Kirby Adventure anyway, you should order the game for a cheaper price maybe ever pre-order.

Still uncertain whether Kirby and the forgotten land meets your taste? Then look in this Knuffy Trailer in:

Kirby you can already play for free

If you are still not sure now, you can also easily snoop into the free demo version . Just give the title of the game in the Nintendo eShop and download the demo. This includes a few levels as well as a boss fight. That should give you a good feeling if you could like Kirbies first 3D adventure.

Fans of the series expect at least great from the new offshoot. In addition to the 3D aspect, many also praise the great optics of the game as well as the many secondary activities . So you can go fishing in your hub world, collect figures, gather mini-games and watch the city slowly to grow.

What Kirby and his friends are actually offering to offer and how entertaining becomes the adventure, but of course, can only be said when the game is published.