Bandai Namco Entertainment published a new Tizor Trailer of “Digimon Savib” on March 16th. This is a video that has been offended by the Digimoncon for Digimon Concon held on February 27. In addition, archive videos of “Digimon Game Information Q & A Corner” at the same event are also released, and it has been a long time since a long time.

“Digimon Savibe” is the latest work of the Digital Monster series. The boys and girls who got lost in the different world are drawn as a text novel adventure with the monster, and the tactics battle part that fights the monsters of fellows as a unit and fight against the hostile monster. It is said that the choice to be done in dangerous adventure will decide the evolution of the monster to be fostered and change the story.

This work was announced in 2018 and was scheduled to be released in 2019 at that time, but it is postponed to the reason for improving quality. Thereafter, the postponement was overpoured and the fan was made a fans. At present, it is planned to be released in 2022. This time, the video of the producer Hanyu, who answered the fan’s questions, has been released and talks about the background postponement.

Mr. Hanyu first apologize for waiting for a fan to expect this work, and the situation where the follow-up was disrupted for a while. Then, the release postponement is accompanied by changing the development team. It was identified as of 2020 years, but further depressed explanation.

At that time, I thought that I was able to deliver the follow-up to the same year. However, when the material taken over from the former development team was confirmed, it was found that it is not accompanied by the specification of the game, and it is difficult to implement as it is. And it seems that we could not deliver the follow-up by examining the development continuation and time to investigate the situation.

As a result, it is decided to continue development by creating material data under the new development team. The current development situation is at the debugging stage, and it has been found that the completion look was visible. For the release time of interest, I was at the time of the company, so I wanted to wait for a while.

“Digimon Savibe” will be released in 2022 for PS4 / Nintendo Switch. In addition, PC (STeam) and Xbox One / Xbox Series x | S version release are also guided for overseas.