The speculation where BVB-Superstar Erling Haaland will not play from the coming summer. Manschester City from England and Real Madrid from Spain crystallized from Spain as a hottest favorites to a commitment of the scorer. On Tuesday evening, Borussia Dortmund’s consultant Matthias Sammer expressed himself to the personnel.

First of all, in his expert role in Amazon Prime, the 54-year-old emphasized that he was not inaugurated in the most recent discussions on the level of negotiation with Erling Haaland.

“I did not belong today, yesterday and the day before yesterday,” said Sammer, who is consulted with Borussia Dortmund as an external consultant to the great decisions of the club by the Haalandy responsible persons.

Nevertheless, Sammer confirmed that the leader of the Premier League and reigning English champion is considered one of the top candidates to a commitment of Haalands, for which in the coming summer probably at least 75 million euros were due. “I know that City is behind,” says Sammer, who once coach the BVB 20 years ago to the German master.

Sammer to City rumors: “It’s possible!”

According to his assessment, how realistic a change of Haaland could become the cityzen, Sammer said at the “Amazon Prime” microphone with a humouriously meant exaggeration: “In the numbers I got a whiplash and has become fainted. My wife has become me again set up. Accordingly: it is possible! “

On the question of which numbers would act concretely, Sammer only replied, “numbers? As far as I can not count.”

Interesting: TV expert Sammer, who knows City Team Manager Pep Guardiola from his time as a Haalands director at FC Bayern (2012 to 2016), did not make a secret that he is exciting the combination Pep Guardiola / Erling Haaland for expressive: “You Both will benefit from each other. Because of course, the PEP has a certain idea. […] Interesting constellation. “

Erling Haaland vs. Thomas Delaney: The Dortmund Triathlon
Generally, it is assumed that the new receiving club has to pay a huge handygage and an exorbitant salary to get Erling Haaland as a new center. Real Madrid is also scheduled to have long not abandoned the 21-year-old Norwegian.