Ghost glove herb and grave glowort are a material in eldenring which will find them around the world. You may have picked up these items, it may not be clear where to use them. In this manual, we explain where they can use these items special leveling materials to improve one of the most important weapons in elden ring.

How to use Ghost Glovewort and Grave Glovewort in Elden Ring

Ghost Glovewort and Grave GloveWord are essentially craft materials in the Eldenring. They are is used to improve Sprit Ashes and which they use depends on the type of Ashes you want to update. Spirit Ashes are available in two forms: Normal Spirit Ashes and Special Spirit Ashes. Grave GloveWord is needed to improve normal Spirit Ashes, Ghost Glovewort is used to improve Special Spirit Ashes.

Like wrought stones and gloomy forgings, Ghost and Grave Glovewort must be brought to a NPC dealer to focus spirit Ashes. However, you must penetrate far enough to the main history and drive the NPC dialog to activate this functionality. The NPC with which you have to continue is Roderica, Spirit Tuner.

There will be numerous dialoglists that need to be advanced to bring Roderica to ultimately take Spirit Tuning and allow them to use their services. As soon as it is available, it is found in the RoundTable attitude. If you just talk to it and select the option “Ghost Tuning”, you can output these items for upgrades.

Of course, you need both the Ghost and Grave Glovewort as well as Runes to enhance your Spirit Ashes. The higher you summon the ghost ash, the rarer is the kind of glove herb that you need, and the more runes are needed.

Elden Ring | How to Get UNLIMITED Ghost & Grave Glovewort for Spirit Summon Upgrades!
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