I am the First Person to Open this Chest | Breath of the Wild
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the most extensive games in the market. It is even so big that today’s mysteries and secrets are still released and revealed. This includes, for example, a treasure chest that is so hard to achieve that they stayed unopened untoped for years. But a player has done it now and opens the secret for the content.

Breath of the Wild: After years a chest is open now

At a curious treasure chest, “Breath of the Wild” players have been bite the teeth for years and even professionals could not conquer them. What makes this treasure chest so special?

It is located in Aris Beach and appears only if you are in a radius of around 80 meters. After the appearance, however, the chest begins to sink at, only to disappear again after about seven seconds . BotW expert * In Kleric, however, stubborn remained persistent and has made the impossible in the end.

Using links Cryomodul the player creates it under the surface of the game world. With an impressively liquid change between the different modules and the fast firing of arrows, he prevents the chest. Then he pulls them up with the magnetic module on the ice deck shape on which it stands.

How the whole thing looked at the game shows you in a video:

What was in the chest?

This chest stayed unopened for four years. There you should expect that there is a real sweetheart! The truth does not look so shiny . As a reward for his efforts he only gets a small amber – this kind of stone can be found in the game quite often.

Nevertheless, he has made something great and so maybe the curiosity of millions of players satisfied. In any case, the community is very enthusiastic about his video.

_BotW hides many secrets: _

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