“I’m already a friend of seeing attractive football games, so that people do not scold about the Bundesliga and enjoy it, I think it was a very good game for the fans,” Julian Nagelsmann was at the party “Sky”. “I am honestly satisfied with our performance over wide routes. We have been a good first 20 minutes with many conquests with very good attacks and have also made three goals, which were all minimal away,” says the Munich coach.

His captain mourned the two lost points behind: “If you have such opportunities, of course, it is a little disappointing, not to drive home with three points. But in the end, that often raxes, of course, if we have two half times as in The second half play, then we win the game, “said Manuel new.

Praise for TSG scorer Baumgartner

Nagelsmann also found one of the reasons for the residue in the events of the first half: “We lost a bit of patience a bit and are too early on the front, Hoffenheim then also has brought two players back in construction and trying to lure us a bit. Then There were rooms and we get the backlog from his own possession. That was a beautiful gate, who was not so easy to do, “the FCB coach praised the Hoffenheim scorer Christoph Baumgartner.

After the break, the lack of opportunity recovery was the main reason for the fact that after 1: 1 against Bayer Leverkusen in the previous week again only remoristed. “If you leave three things so things,” Nagelsmann played on the post-shot of Serge Gnabry as well as two more large chances of Jamal Musiala and Thomas Müller within a few minutes in the middle of the second half, “then that was open at once again and Hoffenheim has noticed: ‘Okay, they do not want to meet twice or triple today, then we can.’ Then we already had chances against us. “

Compared to some part a few weeks ago, the game in Hoffenheim, “Although it was curiously just one point for us,” nevertheless a step forward, says Nagelsmann.

Nagelsmann’s plea for a wet lawn

In the end, the 35-year-old also meant another reason for the need for improving opportunity utilization of his team: “You can see that the ball is always so funny because the lawn is fear. This is not criticism at Hoffenheim Greenkeeper, but with A bit of wet grass, I believe, the balls are a bit more dangerous. “