The Annual Publication Plan of Call of Duty was recently signed up after reports appeared that Activision Blizzard is considering a shift from the annual publication plan of the series. In a soon published interview, Hannah, Noisybters’ Bryan, said the creator of Call of Duty content from Atlanta Faze, with The PC Player 24 on the affair.

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“I think what I’m looking forward to, is just a small breather for the developers,” says NoisyButters. “I feel that the developers work extremely hard and do not get the recognition they deserve. I know that you have several projects in stock, but I’m really glad that you can at least insert a breather from the classic multiplayer equation that comes out every year. I think it’s time for your mind to breathe creatively and work on something else. I think it would be really good for the series overall. “

Do not start quickly and immediately start working on another Call of Duty, is undoubtedly an advantage for the people working on the series, but the annual publication plan also affects the quality and originality of Call of Duty, So that every publication feels the same?

Noisybutter does not believe that this is absolutely the case, and believes that each Cod manages to feel “unique” despite the annual turnover.

It seems that diehard fans like NoisyButter would welcome a departure from the annual call of duty publications, as it would be advantageous for the developers of games to avoid burning out, but it could also mean that we can see Call of Duty Less problems at startup.

Our own recent reports suggest that fans are fearing that call of duty games are released overrun only to comply with the annual deadlines, and the problems we see at Vanguard and Warzone, such as the Warzone Extra Weapons Perk bug, could end up in the end.

We are still waiting for Activision Blizzard to make an announcement that will either confirm or deny the reports that Call of Duty 2023 will skip a year.

Keep look for our detailed conversation with Noisybutter, the next week about your career and your life, your favorite aspects of Call of Duty, your enthusiasm for the cult character SOAP and much more reports.