We already know that the online PlayStation 5 version of GTA online will have a new location at Dating LS cars, which will allow you to upgrade some cars with performance improvements that will make them more quick as possible on the PS4. And now, Rockstar confirmed that anyone who transfers his character from the last generation console to Sony’s new generation system will receive a free car, specifically inflated with some of these exclusive console improvements.

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“Those wishing to continue their travel on the last generation consoles will receive a fully converted Karin S95 from Hao’s Special Works experts, as well as a special HAO’s Special Work race and a set of new Chameleon paintings that can be used on all Vehicles, “explains an article by Rockstar Newswire. We are fascinated to see how fast these new rides will go and how they will compare them with the fastest cars already available in the game.

Are you going to transfer your progress or start again with the new Career Builder? Remember that GTA Online will be free to claim on PS5 for three months, and if you want the solo campaign, it will only cost you $ 9.99 / £ 8.75 until June 14th. All this, in addition to a free swollen car and a smaller file imprint, makes this trip back to Los Santos better and better.