2K announced on the 8th that the 2K Showcase and MYFACTION mode was released with the new trailer of WWE 2K22, which is ahead of the release.

The 2K showcase is the cover model of WWE 2K22, and the Superstar Ray Mistlerio will illuminate his main competition.

Especially, using the sling shot tech, the game play of the fast tempo is fully reproduced into the actual historical scene, resulting in an immersive experience.

The player is not only legendary opponents, such as Eddy Gerero and Underter, and Shawn Michaels, as well as the active superstar, such as the Mizu, Dolphen Zigler.

WWE 2K22: Todas las Novedades de MyRise y 2K Showcase (Gameplay)

In my real-time mode, the player can experience the journey of the WWE superstar until the WWE’s legend, followed by the Challenge of the WWE Performance Center and to get an immortal fame in the WWE legend, followed by the challenge of the Superstar.

Through the unique storyline of Men’s and Women’s Division, the player will continue to join the journey and meet a variety of WWE superstars and legends.

Finally, when the Main Function is a new moderate mode in the classic team configuration mode, the player can collect, manage, and upgrade legendary players, and upgrade the ultimate 4 facts.

In order to create a legendary group such as NWO, D-Generation X, Evolution, you must recruit a superstar suitable for your team and use appropriate boost.

The player can acquire additional compensation through the challenge, such as a challenge, such as experiencing multiple types of matches in the Faction Wars, or in the proving grounds of the proof.

In My Faution, you can replace with your My Faution Point, My Faith Token, VC and Card Packs and Contracts, and the content that can be unlocked with the VC can be unlocked with the My Point.

WWE 2K22 Standard Edition and Cross Zen Bundles will be released on March 11, and WWE 2K22 Deluxe Edition and NWO 4-Life Edition were released on March 8.