After defeating StarScourge Radahn in the Elden Ring, you and Blaidd are almost at the end of your search for Nokron, Eternal City. After exploring Blaidd the Siofra region, talking to Seluvis and Sells around Council and finally put a finally an end at the Castle Redmane Festival Castle Redmane Festival, the opening for Nokron has finally disclosed. After defeating Rahrahn, Blaidd asks her to meet him, “where the shooting star has bitten the earth”. This leads to Nokron, but Blaidd is nowhere to be found. Where do you find Blaidd in Nokron in Elden Ring?

Where is Wolf in Nokron?

Elden Ring - Blaidd Questline and Locations
Despite his instruction to meet him there, Wolf is not in Nokron . Unlike in Siofra, where he hidden only in a hard-to-find area, Blaidd is just not at Nokron, so you have to complete this part of Rannis questrule al1. He is currently busy with other things to do, but they can still find him and see what’s going on before they immerse themselves in the eternal city. He is a completely different place, but it’s a familiar place.

Where does Blaidd go to Radahn in Elden Ring?

After the Radahn Festival Blaidd is found in the Forlorn Hound Evergaol in Limgraf . This is exactly the place where you have fought bloodhound Derriwil next to Blaidd much earlier in the game. If you approach the center of Evergaol, you will be asked to talk to Blaidd, and he will tell you that he will see Ranni to clarify things.

For a bit of extra traditions, you can also talk to blacksmith IJI at the street to the Manor Site of Grace in Liurnia to learn more about why Blaidd has landed here and not with Nokron Them. At this point, you must complete the rest of Rannis Quest before you can interact with Blaidd again. As soon as you have completed Ranni’s quest series, you can find Blaidd one last time at Ranni’s Rise, and that will be the last part of his quest.

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