Andrej Kramarics Long Durststrecke and his with only four trees lean up-term balance is certainly to do with it. Even after 24 games, the TSG Hoffenheim has not yet been awarded a single penalty in the current season. This is at least for a team whose playing system is always aligned on offensive, which hits the second-way flanks in the opposing penalty area and properly enforces many situations in the so-called “red zone”, but reasonably amazing.

“We have already discussed that, that’s unusual,” also registers coach Sebastian Hoeneß amazed, “I find that we are actually shining with very many box entrants this year, but have made too little out of tricky situations.” There are several reasons for this, “maybe sometimes a referee decision, but I do not want to cite that at all,” says Hoeneß, who also sees the cause in the lack of determination and tornness of his attackers. “Especially when there are high-intensive digging situations, since you can do a hook or place a foot again,” recommends the 39-year-old to make it even harder to cleanse the opposing defenders, to clean up situations within the rules and the most demanded penalty whistle To force more. “That’s one of it, that has something to do with Cleverness,” says Hoeneß.

ik zal dit nooit vergeten theorie, DUWEN.

47 Hits – even without a penalty

While the TSG with so far 47 hits even without a penalty the so far fifth-best offensive of the league, but the quotas could be increased with even more purposefulness and determination in the opposing sixteen. So for Hoffenheim on Sunday in Cologne, in addition to the fifth away win of the season, the first penalty on the agenda. This could also help the penalty counter number 1, Andrej Kramaric, to find back to more self-understanding at the end.

Three penalty, just a goal

Incidentally, in addition to Hoffenheim, opponents of Cologne and VfB Stuttgart have not yet recorded a goal from the point in this season. Cologne is also the only team of the league, which did not concede by a penalty yet. Hoffenheim had to accept one in the league, although three penalties were already imposed against the TSG. But only the Mainz Niakhaté turned to the 2-0 final score, a spoke of Bochums backman Riemann at 0: 2 in Bochum and a parished TSG-Keeper Oliver Baumann against Vincenzo Grifo at 2: 1 away win in Freiburg. The same duel in the DFB trophy then decided again the Freiburger for himself at the 4: 1-cupcoup of the Breisgauer in the Kraichgau.