After Marvel’s Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy could not fully meet the expectations of Square Enix, Babylon’s Case is probably the next candidate in the queue. This can also be part of the Premium AAA games of the developer who has been denied a hit.

Because the new action roleplay of the developer Platinum Games officially appeared yesterday for PlayStation 4 | 5 and PC via Steam and moved as good as no attention.

BABYLON’S FALL | Combat 101 Trailer

As reports, Babylon’s case reached for a launch on Steam about less than 1000 simultaneous players. Also on Twitch, interest with around 4,000 spectators was only low.

The release of Elden Ring as a strong competition and the lack of marketing, which led that the game was not present enough and in the minds of the gamers could be two of the reasons.

Some may not make friends with the forced online connectivity or micro-transactions. The few and so far seemingly predominantly negative criticisms do the rest.