Frank Vogel, Head Coach The Los Angeles Lakers apparently does not exclude Russell Westbrook in the coming games from the bank. The Lakers seem desperate to search for possible changes after they pushed again against the L.A. Clippers again.

“We talk about all possibilities,” bird responded after the 111: 132 defeat to the question of whether discussed within the team, Westbrook did not settle in the starting Five. The coaching rod of the Lakers are looking for solutions and no means unturned.

The Lakers have in person of D.J. Augustin recently brought another playmaker into the team, which was fired from the Houston Rockets in early February. Augustin scored 3 points against the Clippers and distributed 6 assists in his debut for the Lakers.

Westbrook showed with 17 points at 7/16 FG as well as 8 rebounds and 3 assists no particularly bad performance in the offense, but against Reggie Jackson, however, always had the look in the defense. His former teammate at Okc donated Westbrook 36 points, a season-high for Jackson.

Devastating was the third quarter for the Lakers, which they donated with 18:40. Previously, they had completed the first half with a 14: 0 run. The difference between these two phases according to Westbrook: “We did not get any stops. That’s so easy.”

Lebron James and Co. play rivalry against clippers down

“We are a team of Frank Vogel, so Defense will always have a priority,” Lebron James said before he was approaching tactical details and then summarized: “This year, the defense was very challenging, because we have lost many games because Our defense broke in. “

James also played down the importance of rivalry with the clippers and gave only to: “They were the better team this season”. The clippers have decided the seventh duel with the Lakers in a row for themselves, under Head Coach Tyronn Lue they are further unbeaten against the city’s rivals.

However, the rivalry has been dominated by the clippers for some time, which have been against the Lakers since the 2011/12 season for a balance sheet. Also Westbrook, who was born in Los Angeles, spoke to the sweep suffered against the clippers in this season: “I do not do anything”.

Also addressed to the frequent criticism opposite his game this season, the 33-year-old was cold: “I listen to criticism since my birth.”

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