Gravity has entered the pre-reservation of Mobile SRPG ‘Paladin Tactics’ from March 4th.

Paladin Tax is a newly interpreted Paladin IP that won the Golden Awards for the first Korean apps in 2011. It is characterized by a growth strategy simulation game that defeats the undeaderity by growing Paladds and various heroes. In addition to RPG-specific growth factors, Paladin skills stone, Hero summons, scissors rocks, such as scissors rocks, etc.

Paladog Tactics (팔라독 택틱스) CBT - GRAVITY Gameplay

Paladin Tax Advance Reservations will be held on the Dictionary Reservation page and the Google Play Store, and the game items of 5,000 won at the completion of the Application until the launch of the Dictionary, After a pre-reservation, you can upgrade the pre-reservation compensation for a game item of up to 50,000 won by turning the roulette once daily. In addition, participating in a pre-reservation in the Google Play Store will pay a game item after formal launching.

Gravity proceeds from the community to the community until March 4, conducting two paladin tactics pre reservation commemorative events. During the event period, the Paladin Tactics Press and hold JOIN and notifications in the official lounge and then certify the jewelry coupon to the participant power. We also present a jewelry coupon to the entire user who left the launch of the Paladin Tax Event Bulletin board.

More information on Paladin Tactics pre reservation can be found through pre-reservation page.