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A well-known mobile service provider in Germany introduces its services. What this means for customers.

Dortmund – Customers of a well-known mobile radio provider must be set to a large change in 2022. Because the brand “Mobilcom-Debitel” wants to park its services by the end of July. What does this mean for several million consumers exactly?

Mobile providers proclaimed: What is from the mobile phone contract?

Online sales, stationary commerce and customer communication of Mobilcom-Debitel should no longer exist on July 2022 as the industry magazine first reported. Are customers of the provider in summer then without mobile phone contract and data network?

No. Because the brand will be abolished as you know so far, but the offers should be converted to the name of the umbrella brand “freenet”. Through this step, Freenet strengthens and according to own information “perceptions” will be (read more digital news at Mobilcom).

Mobilcom Debital is set: This comes to customers

From the end of the service around 7.2 million customers are affected. Change will probably not much for you. The existing contracts should be continued at the same terms, at least until July. Whether subsequently follow more drastic changes is still unclear. The design on the website and the bills should always change. It is also possible for customers to receive a new web address to log in to Freenet’s Customer Center.

With the acquisition by Freenet ends a 30-year company history of Mobilcom AG. In 1991 she was founded by Gerhard Schmid. In 2009, the chains “Mobilcom”, “Debitel”, “_DUG” and “TALKLINE” were merged under the brand name Mobilcom-Debital. Two years later, Freenet’s debit has taken over.

Meanwhile, a large competitor of Freenet, Telekom, with its customers for confusion. Many consumers receive acutely letters with very personal information sent by the company. So far, it is unclear how Telekom has reached this data at all.

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