In Ukraine, which is under the Russian invasion, Ukraine is a talented IT militia, “Ukraine IT Ami” is organized and cyber. According to the Ukraine IT Ami, he has achieved three days of creating the main website of Russia.

Ukrainian soldiers discuss fight against Russia

On the 2nd Ukrainian IT Ami Telegram Channel, new cyber issues and performance continue to rise.

On this day, Channel Manager, a Russian media site, “Another propaganda acceptance brain website. The winding wind” was a command, “the wind,”, and soon the site access is delayed in the world.

The Targeted Russian site appears to hit the cyber attacks that IT Ami appeared as a Distributed Service (DDoS) attack.

Ukraine IT Ami was voluntarily organized in accordance with the appeal of Minhail Fedorov Ukraine, Minhail Fedo Rope Ukraine and the appeal. “Through Twitter,” we are making IT Ami, and digital talent is needed, “he asked for resources.

At that time, the Telegram Channel published on Twitter is being delivered to the IT Ami.

I can not know how many IT professionals, security experts, hackers are being implementing real Russian attack activities, but now the person who is currently participating in this channel is over 260,000.

Immediately after the actual channel opening, the cyber attack for the major websites of Russia was soaring. Ukraine Cyber ​​Police claims that attacks on the Russian main websites are a result of the joint venture of Ukraine cyber police and volunteers.

Ukraine Cyber ​​Police said on the 28th, “Cyber ​​police, with cyber volunteers,” Cyber ​​Police continues to attack Russian web resources, “Russian State Banks, Russian Court (VSRF), Russian Safety Conference (SCRF) ), Kremlin palace and Russia have shut down the main website. “

A list of Russian main sites paralyzed as the success of the Cyber ​​attack was posted on the same day IT Ami channel.

Ukraine IT Ami is attracting attention in the IT militia of the talented tower, which is difficult to browse the precedent in history.

The Washington Post is a relatively small attack on Ukraine, “Most of the Russian government, and is compatible with the Russian government, but it is captivating public interest and is bravely denied for Russian invasion.” I was evaluated.

IT Amiga is a lot of experts who are likely to spread the deadly cyber attack to Russia as much as they are packed as volunteers. If you still operate well, you can play an important role in defending the attack on Ukrainian infrastructure in Cyber.

CSIS’s Jim Luis Research Institute was evaluated as “hackers who participated in patriotism,” said Washington Post, “hackers who participated in patriotism are not usually a league-to-see.”

He said, “If the appropriate instructions are made, IT Ami, helped Russia to patch the vulnerabilities that Russian companies can exploit, and would be able to play a useful cyber defense such as sharing the tactical information of the Russian hacker.”