Game Creator’s Matthew Walker revealed Capcom on March 2 and revealed that he moved to Indie Studio Camouflaj. The studio announced that Camouflaj Holdings was established on the same day, and Camouflaj Holdings was established. Walker says that he leds its new studio.

Matthew Walker joined Capcom in 2010 and has an active part as a production manager and producer. He involved in the “Biohazard” series and “Street Fighter V” “Monster Hunter: World”, etc. In the latest, “Devil He is Mei Key He has been in charge of the producer of Kry 5. He has appeared to be aware of the official broadcast of Capcom in the same work and promotion of “Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition”? He moved from the United States to Japan and has been active in Capcom for about 11 years, but he seemed to have graduated from the company.

Camouflaj, who joined this time, indie studio based in the United States Seattle. Mr. Ryan Payton, which was involved in “Metal Gear Solid 4”, etc. in Konami’s Kojima Production, is established and debuted with the stealth action game “République”. After that, it is also known as a studio that worked on “Marvel Iron Man VR” for PSVR.

Walker is a development director as a development director, along with Mr. Payton, will lead to Kamakura studio of Camouflaj. Walker says that this new studio, which is the second base of Camouflaj, will strengthen the ability to handle high quality and meaningful games on a global scale.

Also, Alexander O. Smith, a writer, a Japanese-English translator, also joins Camouflaj’s new studio. He is a veteran that has been involved in a number of prominent titles, such as the “Final Fantasy” series and platinum games works from PS1 era. He also recently been in charge of the lighter of “Ori and The Will of the Wisps”.

In line with this announcement, Camouflaj has announced that “RéPublique: Anniversary Edition” that added developer comments to “République” is delivered on March 10 for PS4 / PS VR / Nintendo SWITCH.

The same work is the first work in the new system of Camouflaj. Walker has experienced the story to understand the intention of the “meaningful game” mentioned above. The original version has been delivered Episode 1 in 2013, but it should be possible to feel what you think now from that time. Also, the studio is to publish nearby information about further meaningful games.

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