The greedy subject of players fighting with Margit, The FELL OMEN can only be purchased from Patches. It will cost 5000 runes, and it can be used twice during the battle with the boss, and it is limited to the first phase of combat. First of all, to gain access to the subject, the players will need to enter into battle with the invader named Bloody Finger Neriyus before investigating the area.

where to find patches

On the way to the cave of dark water Players will probably be attacked by Bloody Finger Nerius . Also, they will help an additional challenge Hunter behind the bloody fingers of Yura in the direction where the player came from. Running back to the bridge to meet with Yura to fight with Nheryus, is an easy way to very quickly turn the battle two against 1. Yuru can again be found at the end of the ravine.

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Elden Ring - Margit the Fell Omen Guide Made Simple (shackles, rogier, Castleward tunnel, Limegrave)

inside the cave Mercvoter , the patch is to the right of the cave. Interaction with the chest will make it appear that it will provoke the fight from which he will surrender. When players Spare patches And forgive him, he will offer to sell them if they return. Just leave the cave and return, and the patch will have several delicacies for sale, including margitan shackles .

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