Around the Release of Elex 2, the first tests have gone online to the new role-playing game of Gothic makers from Germany. So that you do not have to dangle you through the review jungle, we will find a small overview of the international reviews and evaluations. The test overview is located on the website Metakritic, which bundles the facs of each portals. The new role-playing game currently settles in the validant field. With currently 16 submitted tests, the PC version of ELEX 2 comes to 67 percent.

ELEX 2 in the test overview

84 percent receives Elex 2 in the test of the Ragequit portal: Testers praise that fans of the games of Piranha bytes get exactly what they want. However, a highly polished AAA-RPG should not be expected. The GameSpace website comes to a similar result and complements that on players quite an equally interesting such as multi-faceted game world waits. Dot deduction is available for performance and graphics problems. Further impressions to the PC version of ELEX 2 read under this link. For the PS5 version, the average rating is currently 72 percent, on Xbox Series X / S at 74 percent.

  • RageQuit – 84 (PC)
  • – 81 (Xbox Series X / S)
  • Gamestar – 80 (PC)
  • Gaming Nexus – 80 (PS5)
  • TwinFinite – 80 (PS5)
  • – ​​78 (PC)
  • GameSpace – 75 (PC)
  • IGN Italia – 73 (PC)
  • PC Games – 70 (PC)
  • CD Action – 65 (PC)
  • – 60 (PC)
  • GOD IS A GEEK – 50 (PC)
  • Gamingbolt – 50 (PS5)
  • Well played – 30 (PC)

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ELEX 2 in the test: Damn, why does nothing be developed?

Elex 2 | REVIEW | Piranha Bytes bleibt sich treu... Leider
Elex 2 is the game that is expected from the Gothic creators. On the one hand, that’s great, on the other hand, you are tapping in all the mistakes of the past.

ELEX 2 in the test: known recipe

Note that the average ratings for ELEX 2 (Buy Now 39.99 €) can still change in the coming days when more reviews go live. Our test for Elex 2 is already online. The title is waiting with the well-known Piranha bytes formula and comes with all the strengths that you know from the role games of the German Studio. “At the same time, however, they also make all the mistakes that you have been doing for years. So if you have a look at the hearty Ruhrpottschnitzel again, will have fun. Who hopes, however, that you have finally improved the recipe, will improve the formulation Denbe disappointed, “writes our Tester Carlo in the review.

From David Martin
02.03.2022 at 12:06