Football women of Bayern Munich have easily reached the semi-finals around the DFB Cup. The German Champion declined Bundesliga competitor FC Carl Zeiss Jena in his stadium with 9: 1 (5: 1).

Klara Bühl (9th, 39th), Jovana Damnjanovic (25th, 37), Lina Magull (42.), Saki Kumagai (55.), Viviane Asseyi (83.) and Maximiliane Rall (88th) met for the in All matters superior favorites. Added to this was an own goal by Any Adam (77.). Also an own goal of Hanna Glas (40th) led to the Jena Honor Hunter.

The Bavaria women, who lasted in 2018 in a DFB Cup final and in a penalty shooting were inferior to the VfL Wolfsburg, did not expect any doubt about the first minute who will go from the square as a winner. The Munichers worked against frightening weak Thuringians, in which some important players could not reveal for Corona infections, opportunities in the minute. Only Jenas Torfrau Inga Schuldt was thanks that the pause guide of the guests was only 5: 1.

Eintracht Frankfurt - FC Bayern München 0-1 | Highlights | Matchday 24 – Bundesliga 2021/22

Even after the break, the Bayern women, where coach Jens Scheuer, were superior to superior. However, the opportunity recovery left to be desired.