The blessed Tau-Talisman is a very useful object in Eldenring . It will gradually restore your HP overtime with rich 2 HP per second. Even if this does not sound very impressive, many soul fans will understand the power of free HP regeneration. It is even more powerful, considering that you can turn it on or off at any time. Even with the numerous grace points from Elden Ring, it can be quite difficult to achieve a new one when exploring a new area. With this Talisman you can go as far as you want as long as you have a secure area to wait and heal. Let’s talk about how you can get yours.

Elden Ring: How To Get The BEST

Where to get the blessed Tau Talisman in Elden Ring

To get the Blessed Dew Talisman, you have to go a decent way through Elden Ring, and you need more than good weapons to get so far. The Talisman is located west of the Divine Bridge, the place of grace guarded by a golem. What makes it quite easy to get to get yourself. However, you do not have to defeat Godrick, but also both Dectus medallions. This is because the second half of the card is blocked until you have defeated Godrick and you need to take a lift to get to Leyndell.

After you have managed to come through Godrick, you will finally be exposed to the wide open world of Elden Ring. Her talisman is located in the northern part of the map near the royal capital. To reach the top of the map called Leyndell, you must take the Grand Lift from Dectus. If you have done it for the first time to approach this elevator, you will find that nothing happens. There is no elevator on the back of the area. This is because you need both the left and right DECTUS medallion to activate the lift.

If you follow the natural course of the game, you should come across the medallions. The left is located in the highest tower of Fort Haight. You should have to climb a ladder to reach the top of this tower. The right is on top of the city of Fort Faroth. Once you have both, you should be able to use the elevator and go to Leyndell to get your medallion. If you have more problems with Elden Ring, you really read our other instructions.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

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