Alexander Zverev THROWN OUT of Mexican Open after attacking the Umpire's Chair! | Prime Video Sport
The Olympic champion was for the qualifying game on 4/5. March in Rio de Janeiro nominated, as the German Tennis Association announced on Sunday. Daniel Altmaier is no longer part of the team of national coach Michael Kohlmann.

“We are delighted that Alexander is there. His behavior in Acapulco was unacceptable and wrong without question. That has recognized Alexander himself and apologized for themselves,” Kohlmann said. “We want to help him now as a team to survive the difficult phase,” said Kohlmann, who has caught up his coronavirus infection and managing the team in Rio de Janeiro.

Zverev had been disqualified in Acapulco on Tuesday (local time) after a double because he beaten several times with the tennis racket against the referee chair and almost hit the referee. The 24-year-old had apologized for his outrode via Instagram and called his behavior as “unacceptable”.

The men’s organization ATP condemned Zverev to a penalty of $ 40,000. In addition, he must pay the prize money of more than $ 30,000 dollars and loses the points for the world rankings. In addition, there is still an investigation of the incident.