If you are trying to execute the Trust Goes Both Ways quest, you will need to collect the chests of fractions. Nevertheless, below are all SCORN FACTION furnaces in the Mismia region in Destiny 2.

In total, Destiny 2 The Witch Queen has four places where you can find SCORN FACTION chests in the Mismia region. The first chest that you can find in the Mismy region is below.

But, before you can get this chest, you need to open the way, interacting with the DeepSight sphere shown below.

After using Deeppsight, you can get a chest, following the path up the log to the rock. You can find this cliff / hill, noted below, along with the path you have to go to it.

As soon as you take this first chest, you can find the second in the south in the place shown below.

In this place in the Mismy region, you can find the third SCORN FACTION chest in the place shown above. The next chest can be found directly north of the place where you found the second trunk of the fraction shown below.

Native this chest, and you can find the next and last SCORN FACTION chest in the place below in the East.

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