In Patch 9.2 by WoW: Shadowlands awaits us a feature that we can play almost myself and create mounts as well as pets for our azeroth heroes themselves. In our Overview of the Protoform Synthesis we have already shown you how many ribs and pets will give it over this feature.

Now the developers of WOW (Buy Now) just before the release of Patch 9.2 published an official insight into the protoform synthesis. They explain what you need for the creation of mounts and pets exactly. Who creates neat viewers, not only improves his collections, but also snaps some successes.

CRAFT YOUR OWN MOUNTS In Patch 9.2 with the Protoform Synthesis Forge

How to tap in patch 9.2 by protoform synthesis mounts and pets

The creation of each protoform creature requires four components: a construction plan , a grid for the creation of the body, a rare object (for ribs) or a shimmer object (for pets), which provides the creature with a soul, and genesis particles to supply the forge in synthesis with energy.

  • construction plans
    • Construction plans are scattered throughout the rich and players must keep their eyes open after them. Some are simply free, others are more difficult to obtain and are hidden in treasures or can be looted by mighty creatures. You just need a copy of a building plan for the production of pets, no matter how many you want to create.
  • Grid
    • Using a grid you create the body of the creature. Depending on the nature of the creature you want to create, you need a different kind of grid. For example, you want to create a heliciden, you need a helicid grille dropped from Helicids. For the creation of a cervid, you need a Cerviergitter you get from Cervides.
  • Rare or shimmer object
    • Rivers
    • The rare object differs a little for the production of mount animals and ranges from the tools of incomprehensible experiments over the eternal wutperle to the crystallized echo of the first song . All rare objects are used for the production of different creatures.
    • Combat Pets
    • For the production of pets, shimmers are needed, which create the soul of the essence. Even if they are rare, they can be found in many places and are easily recognizable at the “shimmer” in their name, such as “glimmer of movement” or “glimmer of alertness”.

  • GenesisPartikel
    • GenesisPartikel are dropped from animals and elemental rings throughout the zone as well as the incident clings. Each construction plan has its own price, but average is 300 particles for a combat pet. The cost of the synthesis of a mount is about 400 particles amount.

The synthesis of pets and breeding brings you some incredible successes. For the synthesis of the first essence, you will receive the success “synthesized!”. Synthesized five different creatures for success “five thesised!”, Which is also necessary for the meta success of Zereth Mortis . For the collection agents among you there is the success “super-thetorn!” For the synthesis of 25 different creatures and “five-squathettessed!” For the synthesis of 50 creatures! Are you going to let out with the new feature, or are not you so much interested in mounts and pets? Write us in the comments!

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